SparkFun Electronics Launches Datalogger IoT – 9DoF

This new board comes preprogrammed to automatically log data from sensors to a variety of network IoT platforms – all without writing a single line of code!

SparkFun launches the DataLogger IoT – 9DOF, an ESP32-based data logger that seamlessly transfers data to a microSD card or wirelessly to your preferred Internet of Things service. Its features include:

  • Auto-detection of over 50 Qwiic Sensors.
  • Built on the capabilities of an ESP32 Processor.
  • Provides log outputs in CSV or JSON formats.
  • Has wifi to enable logging to a variety of network IoT platforms (currently supported services include MQTT, Amazon AWS IoT, Microsoft Azure, Mathworks ThingSpeak, and URL-HTTP).

“For over a decade, SparkFun has designed and built products aimed at simplifying the process of embedded device data logging, with the latest offerings delivering low-power, turnkey sensor connectivity to a set of SparkFun Qwiic boards.” Says SparkFun CTO, Kirk Benell. “Our new SparkFun DataLogger IoT product builds on this capability by adding network connectivity to deliver a true IoT experience. Paired with over-the-air firmware updates, the capabilities of the DataLogger IoT enables a modern IoT sensor capability out of the box – no additional development required.”

Glenn Samala, SparkFun CEO, also comments, “The 9DoF version of the SparkFun DataLogger IoT is the first in a line of plug-and-play logging equipment that we see as the next iteration of our data logger product line. We are proud to provide our users with a board capable of fully utilizing the cloud for their data storage and recording needs based on their preferences for the network IoT platform. As more Qwiic boards are added to the DataLogger IoT’s automatic detection, we intend to build this product line to be a go-to data capture resource for any user regardless of their coding experience.”

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