Splunk 2022 Predictions Spotlight a Data-Driven Future

Four New Reports Dive into the Power of Data, Cloud Acceleration, Ransomware and More

Splunk Inc. (NASDAQ: SPLK), the data platform leader for security and observability, today released four 2022 Predictions reports detailing the importance of data and how it will underpin every aspect of the future. Based on insights from Splunk senior leaders and technology experts, the report editions identify trends across four key areas: Executive and Emerging Technologies, Data Security, IT and Observability, and Public Sector.

“Technology continues to provide us with a unique ability to address many of the global economy’s challenges — and by leveraging the power of data, we can take immediate action to create solutions,” said Teresa Carlson, President and Chief Growth Officer, Splunk. “Over the next year, data will be at the forefront in empowering leaders to rapidly innovate and bring groundbreaking ideas to market in a hybrid and multi-cloud world.”

The Splunk 2022 predictions spotlight the power of data, cloud acceleration, the customer journey and more:

Executive and Emerging Technologies Report

  • As businesses find their (post?) pandemic balance, expect an M&A bonanza. Companies that were able to significantly reinvest during the downturn have become more agile. And as organizations come out of the pandemic, those in industries hit hard will bounce back; however, among those, it’s the companies that invested in their digital strategies that will get stronger, while those with less aggressive strategies will really struggle.
  • Every organization will need a new approach to talent. COVID-19 accelerated workforce change just as it turbocharged digital transformation. There’s new urgency, and new need, to promote employee well-being while aligning a remote workforce future with new ways of working.
  • Edge computing will have big buzz in 2022 — and will live up to the hype. The major cloud providers are making strategic bets on edge architects, and it will become a natural extension of enterprise environments. Edge computing will be enabled by 5G and growing compute power.

Data Security Report

  • Ransomware will increase as cybercriminals professionalize and leverage the supply chain. Ransomware is the biggest security threat to most organizations today. As bad as the prominent ransomware and supply chain attacks of the past couple of years have been, they’ll be worse together. Planning for the inevitability of ransomware attacks is essential to reducing the time and cost of recovery.
  • Additional large breaches are likely to occur, and cyber hygiene will be an organization’s best defense. COVID-19 extended every enterprise through its employees’ home Wi-Fi setup; now basic security diligence is the new perimeter. Consistent security practices including multifactor authentication, full patching and asset identification can help prevent major breaches.

IT and Observability Report

  • Pandemic-driven cloud acceleration left serious gaps in customer experience. Observability will become essential for organizations looking to understand how their complex webs of cloud services are actually performing, providing teams with the ability to observe, understand and act on their data to improve the customer journey.
  • Observability and AIOps will converge to unlock increased value. The inextricable link between observability and AIOps will become commonplace by the end of 2022 as organizations increasingly recognize the importance of taking action on observability, and their data, with machine learning when critical issues occur.

Public Sector Report

  • Public and private sector collaboration will be vital for long-term success. As we continue to enhance our nation’s security posture, it is imperative to take a whole-of-nation approach to defend against the most significant cyber threats, including threats to critical infrastructure. Combining industry and government efforts on planning, threat analysis, and defensive operations is the most effective way to combat cyber threats, including nation-state attacks. The cyber threat landscape is simply too vast, and evolving too quickly, for anyone to go it alone. Only through strong, consistent public-private partnerships can we hope to stay ahead of the threat.

To access the 2022 Splunk Predictions reports across Executive and Emerging Technologies, Data Security, IT and Observability, and Public Sector, please visit:

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