Spyglass announces new internal hashicorp practice for cybersecurity

Spyglass announces new internal hashicorp practice for cybersecurity

Good Dog Labs, a Spyglass company, announces the introduction of its new internal HashiCorp practice to offer full end-to-end professional and support services for new integrations, continuing solution maintenance, support, and customization for HashiCorp Vault, Consul, Nomad, and Terraform.

Good Dog Labs is a bronze-tier systems integrator partner of HashiCorp and has been using HashiCorp products since 2015. The teams at Good Dog Labs are familiar with the complexity and nuances of integrating new technologies within enterprises and their cybersecurity infrastructure. The new practice aligns with market demand for HashiCorp tools and provides professional services to support their industry leading products.

“We are proud that we can now offer a robust HashiCorp practice to our existing and new customers,” said Good Dog Labs Co-Founder and cybersecurity practice lead, Aldo Pietropaolo. “We are excited to be part of HashiCorp’s growing partner network and the opportunity we have to build great customer success and relationships together.”

About Good Dog Labs, a Spyglass Company

Founded in 2014, Good Dog Labs disrupted the Identity ecosystem by building a microservices driven approach to Identity access management and governance security products. Their product, Perseus IAM, is the world’s first IAM microservices driven platform that reduces complexity, leverages existing investments, reduces implementation costs, promotes agility, and helps meet current and future Identity and Access Governance (IGA) needs. Perseus IAM is being sold to the enterprise security market with a focus on retail, healthcare, education, and financial verticals. Key customers now include larger retailers, universities, and financial services. For more information, please visit

About Spyglass Solutions

Spyglass Solutions, Inc. delivers innovative solutions and services to help companies succeed with cloud, collaboration, and cybersecurity. Through their deep expertise, disruptive solutions, and history of client success, they are a trusted solution provider for their clients.

For more information, contact Dori Albert, Chief Revenue Officer, Spyglass Solutions, Inc. at and 401-334-0799.

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