StackPath Launches IP Spotlight

WAF feature allows customers to investigate IP addresses

StackPath, a leading platform of edge computing, edge delivery, and edge security solutions, has introduced IP Spotlight, a feature allowing StackPath WAF Essentials, Professional, and Enterprise customers to track and gather meaningful data on IP addresses for no additional cost.

Data provided includes:

  • IP threat summary, including a risk assessment score
  • Use of botnets
  • “Known for” activities
  • IP ownership information
  • Request information, including requests blocked and a unique session count
  • Geographic information on attack origins and targets
  • Attack distribution over time

“Here at StackPath, we understand the importance of observability, transparency, and simplicity regarding data, and a large portion of our roadmap is focused on precisely that,” said Tom Reyes, StackPath chief product officer. “We are excited to announce IP Spotlight and provide StackPath WAF customers access to more information, as well as a risk assessment score, on the IP addresses hitting their sites.”

With IP Spotlight, each IP address renders a Risk Assessment score calculated based on information gathered through the robust StackPath network. With that score, in combination with the other data provided, customers can determine whether an IP address is worthy of generating requests on their site.

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