AI announces two new breakthrough features allows software developers to gain insights into human dialogue with automatic summaries of conversations including identifying the topics of discussion, questions raised, action points, tone, sentiment, and intent. The conversation tracker data can be used in many business applications including scoring leads, training staff, and coaching customer service., a developer-first platform providing best-in-class conversation intelligence (CI), has announced two new breakthrough features designed to make the technology more accessible for developers with little to no expertise in conversation AI or machine learning.

Symbl’s CI platform allows users to track a wide array of actionable insights from conversations, both in real-time and asynchronously. These insights include topics of discussion, questions raised, action points, as well as tone, sentiment and intent, all of which can be used to provide automatic summaries of conversations, score leads, train staff and more.

Users can define their own groups of keywords and phrases with similar meanings known as “trackers,” which the technology then uses to provide actionable insights. Previously, the onus was on businesses themselves to create and grow their library of trackers, resulting in a “cold start” problem for those with limited resources or experience. To grow its tracker library, a company would need to invest a great deal of time watching, listening or reading through conversations to grow their tracker library manually, resulting in missed tracker opportunities and slow time to market. has now rolled out a verticalized “managed libraries” feature which eliminates the “cold start” problem and allows businesses to start using CI functionality out of the box with a predetermined and constantly updated library of trackers. Companies can select a library that best suits their industry and get started immediately, adding their own tracker groups in just a few clicks.

A new personalized “recommendations” feature has also been introduced which uses technology to identify new tracker opportunities as they emerge and notify users. Recommended trackers can be added seamlessly, allowing businesses to grow their tracker libraries intelligently from the outset without the need for manual input.

“When we first launched Trackers, customers were excited to use the functionality because it provided them with the flexibility to track insights appropriate for their specific use cases,” commented Surbhi Rathore CEO, “However, we quickly realized that some customers were struggling to get started with tracker functionality, primarily because they had to develop their own library of trackers to get the most out of the feature. We listened to their feedback and are now launching the managed trackers library and recommendations features to give customers a running start and allow them to generate actionable insights from the outset.”

To take advantage of trackers and recommendations, users simply need to login to the platform and select the trackers most appropriate to their industry or use-case. Next, users can process conversations from the platform and view the results of managed trackers to see how they are performing. Managed trackers can be customized to include more phrases specific to a given business or product. As conversations are processed, live recommendations will appear based on conversations that have been recorded in the past 30 days. If a user accepts a recommendation, it will be seamlessly integrated into their existing tracker library.

To learn more about managed trackers and proactive tracker recommendations, users can access the documentation and FAQ’s here.

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