TCDI & TackleAI to provide advanced AI solutions to clients

TCDI, a leader in legal software and services, announced today an exciting partnership with TackleAI, a pioneering force in AI and machine learning technology. This collaboration, focusing on autonomous redaction, data extraction, and the handling of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), is set to revolutionize legal operations by enhancing the precision and efficiency of TCDI’s eDiscovery and Military Spouse Managed Review (MSMR) offerings. The integration of TackleAI’s advanced solutions promises to significantly improve the adaptability of client workflows, particularly in the rapidly evolving and increasingly complex legal environment.

“Our partnership with TackleAI is a testament to TCDI’s ongoing commitment to anticipate and address the needs of our clients,” said Bill Johnson, Founder and CEO of TCDI. “As we join forces, we’re not just embracing new technology; we’re embracing a shared vision of innovation and excellence. This collaboration is about leveraging complementary strengths to deliver unparalleled service and solutions to the legal industry.”

TackleAI, established in 2017 in the Chicago area, offers its proprietary AI, combining machine learning, computer vision, and neural networks to transform unstructured documents into accessible data swiftly and efficiently. Their commitment to ‘Attempting the absurd and solving the impossible’ aligns seamlessly with TCDI’s mission to deliver innovative and client-focused solutions.

Sergio Suarez, Jr., Founder and CEO of TackleAI, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “I am thrilled to begin the partnership between TackleAI and TCDI, a move that marks a significant milestone in the evolution of legal technology. At TackleAI, we’re driven to find logical solutions for the most challenging problems. Our partnership is more than an integration of technologies; it’s a fusion of our shared commitment to providing groundbreaking solutions to the legal industry, more accurately than ever. Enhancing TCDI’s robust capabilities, our AI will further empower their eDiscovery and MSMR services, bringing a new level of adaptability and insight to legal operations. Together, TackleAI and TCDI are setting a new standard for what’s possible in legal tech, ensuring our clients are equipped with the most advanced tools to meet the complexities of the modern legal environment.”

The partnership has been tested utilizing TCDI’s Tech Lab, a dedicated environment for the evaluation and validation of new technologies, which is an integral part of The LitForward Center for Technology, Research and Analysis. The lab, driven by a commitment to Lean Six Sigma principles and a spirit of continuous improvement, ensures that all technological advancements are thoroughly evaluated and optimized to meet the specific challenges and requirements of TCDI’s clients.

This strategic alliance is more than a testament to both companies’ commitment to technological advancement. It’s a promise to the legal community that the future of legal tech is here, bringing with it enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and adaptability. As the partnership unfolds, clients can expect a suite of services and solutions that are not just at the forefront of technology but also tailored to the unique challenges of the legal sector.

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