The TEAM Companies to Launch Industry’s First AI-Powered Assistant for Talent and Production Business Affairs

AI asistant

The TEAM Companies, the leading payroll, business affairs and technology provider for the advertising and entertainment industries, today announced its plans to launch KAT, an AI platform designed to transform the industry and outcomes for clients.
KAT, which stands for Knowledge @ TEAM, will be fed with resources from TEAM’s extensive knowledge library, and will be trained and used by its most senior experts to ensure that ‘she’ is put on the right learning path.

“Clients trust our expertise, and our role is to navigate through an evolving and highly complex industry to deliver the most effective and efficient service for them. By innovating through technology, particularly AI, we believe TEAM will transform the industry,” said The TEAM Companies COO and CRO Greg Smith.

TTC has established itself as a knowledge-driven organization by investing in subject matter experts who have deep industry experience, insight and the ability to interpret and communicate the nuances of union agreements and labor laws – there are thousands of rules to consider – to support the business behind the conception, production, and distribution of projects ranging from broadcast television commercials and fashion photography to music recordings and global concert tours.

“The advertising and entertainment industries have experienced unprecedented change and an enormous increase in the amount of options for producing and consuming content. These changes have increased the complexity of engaging talent correctly in the process of creating content and require a significant amount of knowledge-based support,” said The TEAM Companies CEO Justin Kramer. tech news

By harnessing the collective experience of TTC’s subject matter experts and the massive amount of knowledge documents, the company will deliver a powerful platform that continues to learn and grow. As KAT matures, she will become the key assistant and knowledge resource to team members.

“KAT will be available 24/7, constantly learning and developing into the ultimate knowledge tool,” added Smith.

TTC will work with Equals 3, a technology firm specializing in AI applications to develop KAT. Equals 3 has seen significant success with its platform, Lucy, which provides AI-powered enterprise knowledge management for Fortune 1000 marketers and advertising/media agencies that struggle to navigate and manage vast sums of structured and unstructured marketing data.

“… With Equals 3, we have seen proven success in the marketing knowledge space. Their ability to leverage AI and smart people will ensure a successful outcome at TEAM,” said Smith.

It is expected that KAT will be in place before the end of the year.

About The TEAM Companies

The TEAM Companies, LLC. (TTC) is a leading payroll, business affairs and technology provider to the advertising and entertainment community. TTC provides a comprehensive suite of payroll, production management and business affairs solutions for advertising content, music and live event productions. We offer union and non-union talent, music, and crew payroll for advertising, music, concert tour, music video, visual effects, and video game productions, as well as online timecard, talent and rights management applications. Our offices in New York, Toronto, Los Angeles (Burbank), Portland, Chicago, and Detroit are committed to accuracy, timeliness and one-on-one personalized service. Years of experience provide us with unmatched knowledge of, and expertise in, the SAG-AFTRA, AFM, ACTRA, DGA, UDA and IATSE contracts, labor laws, rights management and other regulations impacting the advertising and entertainment industries.

About Equals 3

Founded in 2015, Equals 3 creates advertising and marketing solutions leveraging the power of AI including IBM’s Watson. Equals 3 believes the best results occur through “Man-Machine Symbiosis” – the idea that an individual can benefit from the power of technology to be stronger than the individual, and stronger than the technology, alone. Its latest product, Lucy, is a cloud-based supercomputer designed to help Fortune 1000 brands and the agencies that serve them solve today’s biggest marketing problems across research and media. For more information on Lucy, visit

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