ThirdEye announces worldwide decentralized AR 3D social network

ThirdEye, a leader in Augmented Reality & Artificial Intelligence (AR/AI) solutions, today announces the beta release of a fully decentralized augmented reality social media network for consumers. This comes after successful deployments of ThirdEye’s AR/AI products to Healthcare/Hospitals, eCommerce, Telecoms & Government/Military markets.

This free decentralized platform will allow users to have control over their own user data and not owned by a central entity. Users will also be able to place virtual AR objects in the real world, upload AR data, create friend groups, have AR calls with virtual annotations among friends and a digital marketplace to buy/sell virtual goods/NFTs. There will also be an app store for users to add and download third party apps. The benefits over existing social media platforms are that there can be no banning/censorship as this platform’s code will run transparently on the blockchain and the inclusion of AR/AI features for a more immersive social experience. ThirdEye’s technology uses AI predictive analysis to display relevant AR information. For example, its remoteeye platform provide ~40% operating efficiencies as well as environmental benefits.

Users interested in taking part can sign up directly at

“ThirdEye was founded off a belief that mixed reality & AI solutions could change life as we know it – from the way we work to how we consume our news to how we enjoy our hobbies. We’ve successfully developed and launched products for the enterprise and we received feedback about creating this platform for the consumer space so users have control of their own data,” said Nick Cherukuri, ThirdEye CEO and Founder. “The extended reality and AI industries have come a long way, allowing us to truly contribute to building out the metaverse.”

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