ThreatLocker Joins Kaseya Technology Alliance Partner Program to Arm Managed Service Providers with Enterprise-Level Cybersecurity Tools

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ThreatLocker, an Orlando based cybersecurity firm, who specializes in providing enterprise-level endpoint security solutions to small, medium and large enterprise has partnered with Kaseya, the leading provider of IT infrastructure management solutions for both external service providers (MSPs) and internal service providers (IT departments), to provide enterprise-class cybersecurity tools.

ThreatLocker combines application whitelisting – a technique that is considered the gold standard in protection from malware and other unauthorized software, and Ringfencing – a proprietary method created by ThreatLocker to restrict application access to resources in a cybersecurity package.

ThreatLocker changed the face of Application Whitelisting, by taking the traditionally complex, and resource intensive method of whitelisting and turning it into a simple and easy to use advanced cybersecurity tool. Through the use of a simple to use management system, fast deployment tools, and SaaS service ThreatLocker was able to deliver whitelisting solutions to businesses in as little as an hour, compared to the other solutions that take months, or even years, to deploy.

The integration with Kaseya gives managed service providers the tools they need to quickly deploy and manage Application Whitelisting, Ringfencing, and data loss prevention tools such as storage control while seamlessly integrating into the Kaseya toolkit.

ThreatLocker CEO Danny Jenkins said, “The partnership with Kaseya is vital in providing managed service providers the tools they need to fight today’s cyber threats. MSPs are on the front-line defending small to medium businesses against ransomware and other cyber attacks. As technology providers, ThreatLocker and Kaseya are arming these businesses with the tools they need to win the fight.”

“Small businesses are often shocked by the volume of unauthorized applications that show up on company networks. Incorporating ThreatLocker into Kaseya’s Technology Alliance Program gives MSPs the ability to centralize, control, audit and better protect customer environments,” said Kevin Lancaster, CEO of Kaseya’s ID Agent and general manager of Kaseya Security Suite.

Technologies such as Application Whitelisting are becoming a critical and common part of cybersecurity. Application Whitelisting is listed by industry leaders as an extremely important tool in defense against modern malware.

About ThreatLocker® 
ThreatLocker® is a global leader that provides enterprise-level cybersecurity tools to improve the security of servers and endpoints. ThreatLocker Application Whitelisting, RingFencing, and Storage Control solutions are leading the cybersecurity market to the more secure approach of blocking all unknown threats.

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