Thundercomm IoT Solution Provider to Showcase 5G Line-up at IT Week

Thundercomm, a world-leading IoT product and solution provider, takes part in the 11th Japan IT Week Autumn to demonstrate its strengths in developing products and solutions for smart city, smart industry, smart home, and smart vehicles with its advanced 5G, AI, and edge computing technologies.

The cutting-edge 5G products and solutions

The rapid development of 5G technologies is inaugurating a new era that features a potential market. Thundercomm is far-sighted enough to have had its 5G deployment since the early days of this emerging technology. So far, the company has achieved splendid outcomes, including TurboX™ T55 SOM, TurboX™ T55 Development Kit, 5G MiFi, and 5G CPE solutions, etc.

The TurboX™ T55 series SOM integrates Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X55 5G modem-RF system, so that it can support both 5G Sub-6 GHz and mmWave bands, as well as SA and NSA modes. It also has rich variants of LGA and M.2 form factors. The integrated GNSS receiver can support GPS/GLONASS/BeiDou/Galileo/QZSS with dual L1 and L5 bands.

TurboX™ T55 DK based on T55 SOM, can support various connections with the Host AP such as Wi-Fi 6 (by QCA6391), 1GbE port and USB 3.1Type-C. The development kit running on Linux contains various interfaces that can connect with Windows, Android, or Ubuntu Operation System.

Thundercomm 5G offerings can be widely applied in fields such as VR/AR, V2X, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent energy, telemedicine, wireless entertainment, drone, personal AI assistant, and smart city. On top of that, Thundercomm also provides customized services covering product designing, developing, and testing to help clients accelerate the commercialization of their 5G Products.

The widespread deployment of 5G mobile networks accelerates the adoption of augmented and virtual reality as well as robotics. At this trade show, Thundercomm also demonstrates compelling XR and robot customer use cases built on Thundercomm solutions.

The amazing robot and XR technologies

Thundercomm has profound experience and expertise in the IoT field. Based on Qualcomm RB3 and RB5 robotics platform, Thundercomm has developed extensive applications to empower developers and manufacturers to create the next generation of high-compute, low-power robots and drones for the consumers, enterprises, defense, industrial and professional service sectors. Thanks to its long-making efforts in the field, Thundercomm is highly phrased by its clients and has conducted strategic cooperations with many famous tech companies such as OrionStar and SIASUN.

Two appealing XR products are displayed at Thundercomm’s booth as well. They are TurboX™ XR based VUZIX AR remote cooperation glasses and Lenovo Thinkreality A6, which represent Thundercomm’s capabilities in the field, that have been proved by dozens of clients globally.

Combined with the 5G communication module TurboX™ T55, Thundercomm has built a complete 5G + XR/robotics solutions with strong performance and connectivity. Thundercomm can support their customers in multiple technical fields covering from dedicated product development to 5G connection, to quickly verify product concepts and accelerate product mass production.

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