Tortuga Logic Joins Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) IoT Security Working Group

Members collaborate to address security concerns for the growing IoT market
Tortuga Logic Joins Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) IoT Security Working Group

Tortuga Logic, a cybersecurity company specializing in hardware threat detection and prevention, today announced that it has joined the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) IoT Security Working Group. Tortuga Logic will assist the GSA Working Group’s pre-silicon security validation team to address emerging IoT threats.

The GSA IoT Security Working Group is an international network of companies dedicated to defining and promoting end-to-end IoT security best practices and requirements, including Arm, NXP, Samsung, Siemens and several other leading companies across the globe. Members are encouraged to collaborate and exchange information in an effort to address industry challenges, establish precedent and advance IoT security technology.

“IoT security threats are only increasing in complexity,” says Shrikant Lohokare, Ph.D., Global Vice President and Executive Director of GSA. “As a result, protecting the IoT ecosystem requires input from an array of industry experts across the value chain. Tortuga Logic’s unique and innovative perspective on IoT security will be an asset to the collaborative.”

Tortuga Logic is committed to developing industry-leading IoT security techniques. Radix-S™, Tortuga Logic’s hardware security verification platform, identifies system-level exploits embedded in Hardware Roots of Trust (HRoT), which are responsible for maintaining the integrity of the IoT edge and securing compute and storage workloads in the datacenter. As the basis of security for numerous IoT designs, compromises in Hardware Roots of Trust can leak highly sensitive data to unauthorized parties.

“IoT is a rapidly expanding market, which means it is imperative for IoT security to evolve at a similar pace,” says Jason Oberg, CEO of Tortuga Logic. “We look forward to working with the GSA IoT Security Working Group members to advance IoT security techniques.  It is an honor to collaborate with so many esteemed companies.”

About Tortuga Logic
Tortuga Logic is a cybersecurity company that provides industry-leading solutions to address security vulnerabilities overlooked in today’s systems. Tortuga Logic’s innovative hardware security verification platform, Radix-S™, enables design teams to identify and prevent system-wide exploits arising around a Hardware Root of Trust that are otherwise undetectable using current methods of security review. To learn more, visit  or contact

About Global Semiconductor Alliance
GSA is Where Leaders Meet to establish an efficient, profitable and sustainable semiconductor and high technology global ecosystems encompassing semiconductors, software, solutions, systems, and services. It is a leading industry organization that provides a unique neutral platform for collaboration, where global executives interface and innovate with peers, partners and customers to accelerate industry growth and maximize return on invested and intellectual capital. GSA has an impressive global footprint representing over 30 countries and 350 corporate members comprised of top companies in the semiconductor industry representing 75% of industry revenues. To learn more about the GSA please visit:

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