Tredence Inc. Named a Leader in Customer Analytics Services

Tredence Inc., a leading AI engineering and data science company, was named a leader in customer analytics services by Forrester Research, an independent research firm.  According to Forrester’s evaluation, Tredence is one of three vendors named leaders among customer analytics service providers.

Forrester evaluated Tredence Inc. and 10 other vendors across 30 criteria grouped into three main categories: Current Offering, Strategy and Market Presence. Tredence received the highest possible scores in the following criteria within the “Current Offering” category: Data Sources and Types, Data Wrangling, External and Proprietary Data Sets, Customer Experience, Customer Retention, Emerging Analytics, Model Operations, Insights Activation, Measurement and Metrics, and Change Management Tools and Services.

In addition, the company received the highest score possible in two criteria within Forrester’s Strategy category: Services Vision and Performance.

In Tredence’s vendor profile, the report states that, “Tredence differentiates with a disciplined approach to customer experience analytics.  Since Tredence’s first appearance in this evaluation two years ago, the provider has focused its strategy on providing analytics for customer experience management. This strategy often requires a challenging cross-functional sales cycle, but it has obviously paid off, as Tredence’s compound annual growth rate in the space is well above average. Tredence also recently reorganized vertically to provide more industry-specific expertise in its key verticals of retail, CPG, telecom media technology (TMT), healthcare, industrials, and travel & hospitality.”

The Forrester analysis went on to note that, “Tredence also shines at ML Ops. Its ML Works platform, which provides model degradation alerts and explainability, currently monitors 66,000 trade promotion optimization models for a CPG leader in real time… Enterprises on their customer obsession journey looking to partner with an innovative upstart to deliver a superior customer experience should consider Tredence.”

“Let’s face it: Traditional customer analytics are a thing of the past. It doesn’t matter how well you know your customers; what matters most is decoding customer touchpoints, customer journeys and customer behaviors across multiple channels to deliver a personalized experience. Organizations need a strategic customer analytics and customer experience framework to drive this change,” said Tredence CEO and co-founder Shub Bhowmick. “We are honored to be recognized by Forrester as a leader in customer analytics services. With powerful platforms, algorithms and cross-functional expertise, we help clients anticipate evolving customer preferences, purpose and needs and augment decision making across the entire customer lifecycle.”

“Innovation and continuous experimentation are at the heart of everything we do at Tredence. Our co-innovation platform, Tredence Studio, is designed to help clients find their next pivot. We critically examine the client’s customer management strategy and augment with outside-in capabilities to rapidly prototype, enable experimentation, drive adoption, change management and deployment at scale,” added Tredence Chief Strategy Officer Soumendra Mohanty. “Our customer genome capabilities enable clients to predict behaviors and anticipate new business opportunities. We focus on using persona-based insights to navigate change within industries by embedding those personalities into customer journey maps.”

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