Tuya Announced a Partnership with WinSharp

Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA, HKEX: 2391), a global IoT development platform service provider, recently announced a partnership with WinSharp, an innovative Indian manufacturing enterprise. Tuya will assist WinSharp in India by implementing its smart manufacturing management system throughout its factories and by improving its digitalization capabilities in core scenarios including plan management, production management and warehouse management. In addition, Tuya and WinSharp will jointly develop a solution of “product intelligence + production intelligence,” and integrate market and channel advantages with WinSharp’s shareholders to replicate the solution in more WinSharp factories.

Tuya’s smart manufacturing management system can help WinSharp build a data middle platform of its entire production process from order placement to shipment. This will create an operational decision-making data middle platform that can support WinSharp’s flexible, replicable, efficient and transparent full supply chain. It will also further improve its digital operation decision-making abilities.

In addition, the system will significantly improve the factory’s capabilities to achieve lean, transparent and smart management. When managing raw materials, the system can track the real-time status of materials and provide early warnings if materials were lacking in stock, which reduces the waiting time for replenishment. During the planning of execution, the system can realize effective production scheduling and improve precision decisions. During the quality management process, the system can record the data in the production process and provide quantitative indicators for product quality improvement. When the system is analyzing data, it can provide data support for factory managers. Based on WinSharp’s advanced management experience and Tuya’s smart manufacturing management system, the smart factory will be considered as a benchmark for more digitalization and automation of local production factories in India which will enable global customers that have a high level of digitalization in their factories to rapidly launch reliable smart products and provide superior supply chain support.

“Tuya is delighted to collaborate with WinSharp to jointly promote the construction of India’s smart industries. Through the joint smart solutions developed by Tuya and WinSharp, we will further enable global customers with high-end manufacturing requirements to achieve sustainable and reliable production throughout India. Tuya’s application landing capabilities and innovative solutions, together with WinSharp’s shareholders’ local manufacturing networks on the ground, will further promote the digital upgrading of India’s manufacturing industry,” said Wind Lin, the Co-Founder of Tuya Smart.

“The smart manufacturing management system enabled by IoT will not only improve the production efficiency of the factory, but also reduce the production and operation costs of the enterprise and attract more orders. The WinSharp team has professional production and manufacturing technologies and local operation experience, while Tuya has rich experience in IoT applications. This cooperation will enhance WinSharp’s brand in India and boost its international influence, improve the digital construction of the factory, and further obtain a far-reaching impact on the manufacturing industry,” said Alex Xie, the CEO of WinSharp.

“WinSharp’s shareholders are open to collaboration with different industries. Tuya is focused on building an ‘open and neutral’ IoT ecosystem, which is highly consistent with our values. We will work together to further promote the implementation of WinSharp’s smart factory case to other factories, help India’s manufacturing industry to complete its digital transformation, and accelerate its promotion to other countries and regions through our global partner network, so that the global manufacturing industry can approach the era of Industry 4.0,” said RAHUL, the shareholder of WinSharp.

WinSharp, founded by a production and manufacturing team from China and India, is the most competitive entrepreneurial manufacturing enterprise in India and has received Zetwark’s investment. It has the largest manufacturing factory in India, covering an area of 26,000m2, and provides OEM products to leading TV enterprises.

The cooperation of Tuya with Winsharp will improve the construction of smart factories and transform smart manufacturing across India. In the future, Tuya will further leverage its innovative technologies and its vast IoT ecosystem to promote the development of the manufacturing industry in India, and provide strong technical support for the digital transformation of more Indian factories. Moreover, Tuya will also connect the global manufacturing supply chains and further develop the ecosystem vitality of the industry.

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