Two Edge Servers from Inspur Information Win 2022 Red Dot Awards

EIS800 and Swing P101 Edge Microservers were both recognized for excellence in the Product Design category

Inspur Information, a leading IT infrastructure solutions provider, was honored to have two products in its Edge microserver portfolio win recognition for excellence from Red Dot Award: Product Design 2022. EIS800 and Swing P101 were both winners, lauded for their clean and compact industrial design, modularity and ease of use.

The Red Dot Design Award is an internationally recognized seal of quality and good design with a history that spans more than 60 years. 48 experts from around the world serve as the Red Dot Jury, which meets yearly to identify the best new entries in Product Design, Brands & Communication Design and Design Concept. Inspur Information competed in the original and most competitive category, Product Design. The Red Dot Jury follows the motto “In search of good design and innovation”, and assesses each product individually and comprehensively to identify the entries with the most outstanding design quality.

An adaptable and minimalist package for Edge computing

EIS800 is an intelligent portable and easy-to-deploy Edge microserver for the digital era. Its specifically designed extensible modules and interfaces achieve high customizability, which allows for rapid deployment across a wide variety of scenarios for intelligent Edge computing. This adaptability combined with its wide variety of wireless communication protocols including ZIGBEE, 4G/5G, WIFI/Bluetooth, and GPS, make it an ideal candidate for nearly any environment or situation. Its structural design is both simple and compact. The housing is manufactured with rugged die-cast and anodic oxidation techniques to provide heat dissipation along with water and dust resistance. The IP65 protection level rating and temperature rating of -40°C~70°C ensures normal operation in a wide range of harsh edge environments.

An easily modifiable Edge solution

Swing is a highly integrated edge server that improves the computing efficiency of edge AI inferencing scenarios. It can provide more compact and efficient AI computing power for AI teaching assistants in universities, AI software algorithm development, intelligent medical scenarios such as medical image recognition and disease screening, and other applications. Two expansion card slots can be quickly customized with various GPU, ASIC and FPGA accelerator cards. This customization allows optimal functionality in various setup scenarios to quickly complete targeted application inference and computing architecture designs. It features a metallic finish from its anodized surface. The grille-like design is extremely minimalistic, rendering a sleek look that is excellent at heat dissipation. All of these features work together to enhance product development in a clean and simple package.

“We are thrilled to have EIS800 and Swing P101 be recognized for their superior product design by Red Dot,” said Park Sun, General Manager of Edge Computing, Inspur Information. “We are excited to introduce the value of these products to customers. The acceleration of digital transformation has created huge amounts of real-time data that needs to be collected and processed in edge environments. An increasing amount of AI processing workloads require more flexible and more distributed solutions. EIS800 and Swing make that possible.”

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