Uniper Expands Business Horizons with Enterprise-Level FICO Optimization

One of the leading international energy companies is developing new cloud capabilities and business opportunities with FICO® Xpress Optimization


  • Uniper, one of the leading international energy companies, has purchased an enterprise license for FICO® Xpress Optimization
  • Uniper can now upscale its cloud infrastructure to run more complex models faster, deliver results in shorter periods, and enable new business opportunities across all its energy markets
  • This strategic decision was based on the reliable performance and scalability demonstrated by FICO’s solution over the past 20 years

Uniper, a leading international energy company, has purchased an enterprise license for FICO® Xpress Optimization to move its computing to the cloud, develop new business opportunities, and power its global decisioning processes. With Xpress’s flexible licencing model, Uniper can now rapidly upscale its cloud infrastructure as needed, delivering faster results and creating new business opportunities.

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“Uniper needs the smartest technology available to inform our energy production decisions, which is why Xpress models run at the core of a number of our decision processes,” said Colin Silvester, Senior Modelling Expert at Uniper. “The first-class service we’ve received from the FICO team for the past 20 years only cemented our recent decision to upgrade our Xpress solution to enterprise-level. FICO has earned its reputation as a leader in optimization technology.”

Uniper has used FICO® Xpress Optimization on seven previous projects to maximize value from volatile energy markets over the past 20 years. With this enterprise-level upgrade, Uniper will be able to expand its existing projects:

  • Energy storage modelling: Uniper can now base its energy storage valuations on a combination of multiple income streams. This new ability to identify both complementary and mutually exclusive income streams is helping Uniper develop more robust business cases.
  • Energy asset management: Uniper is now able to offer its expertise on predictive maintenance in power plants to other energy providers worldwide, which opens up new revenue streams.
  • Commercial optimization of heat and power assets: The FICO® Xpress Mosel modelling language allows Uniper to include heat constraints and assets into its power optimization model, in order to maximize electricity production while meeting heat obligations.

“The energy industry is rapidly expanding its use of mathematical optimization across a wide array of business areas, from supply chain management to clean energy production,” said Mark Collingwood, FICO vice president for decision management solutions in Europe, the Middle East and Africa“The adoption of FICO Xpress Optimization at enterprise level will streamline and improve Uniper’s existing decision processes, while building on the success of previous projects.”

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