Veea & Codit France to Build Industry 4.0 Solutions

Veea brings edge computing and communications platform enriching Codit’s offerings

Veea Inc., an innovation leader in integrated smart edge connectivity and computing, today announced it is partnering with Codit France, an innovative IT solutions company providing next-level consultancy, technology, and managed services to leading brands worldwide, in order to bring packaged solutions which leverage the Microsoft Azure IoT hub and cloud.

Codit France is one of the largest Microsoft partners in Europe, according to the company, and works across the many dimensions of Azure and connected with Veea after the company’s VeeaHubs were certified on the Microsoft Azure IoT platform in 2020.

The VeeaHubs’ inclusion in the Azure Certified for IoT device catalog makes them a unique and compelling choice for an integrated Azure IoT Edge Device and Gateway. Currently no other device solution with similar capabilities in a highly integrated, compact form is offered in the Microsoft IoT device catalog. By building their solutions on VeeaHubs and the Veea Edge Platform, Codit can quickly build Azure-based IoT solutions and services, while also being able to easily deploy and scale them.

“We are pleased that Codit shares our vision of quickly and easily creating innovative IoT/IIoT solutions and has chosen to build solutions on the Veea Edge Platform,” said Allen Salmasi, CEO of Veea. “The VeeaHub Smart Computing Hub’s level of integration makes it a great choice for building multi-protocol, multi-radio IoT solutions where local computing capabilities are desired, and our developer tools make rapid solution development possible.”

“The Veea approach to edge computing is truly innovative, in that they have thought through and addressed many of the challenges of edge computing system development and deployment,” said Nicolas Coudert, General Manager, Codit France. “Veea’s Smart Computing Hub offers the most advanced hardware and software platform for IoT solution creation that we have found. With Microsoft Azure for IoT Certification, Veea clearly indicates that they are focused on helping companies like ours.”

Codit helps companies reduce operational costs, improve efficiency, and enhance communication by integrating people, applications, and things. The company employs more than 180 people in Belgium, France, Portugal, Switzerland, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Malta and Luxembourg. Since 2000, they have successfully implemented over 500 integration solutions worldwide.

The companies are collaborating on solutions in Smart Agriculture, Smart Energy and “Machine as a service.”  By building their Azure-powered (powered by Azure) “full stack” end-to-end edge computing and communications offerings on the Veea Edge Platform, Codit is able to offer their customers highly efficient, flexible, easily deployed and maintained “smart” IoT solutions that outperform competitive offerings.

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