Weights & Biases Unveils Integrations with NVIDIA AI

Enhancements accelerate machine learning adoption for the enterprise, unlocking new use cases

Weights & Biases today announced integrations and validations with NVIDIA AI. The integrations will enable organizations adoptingNVIDIA AI Enterprise, the software layer of the NVIDIA AI platform, to take advantage of the Weights & Biases MLOps platform to accelerate deep learning workloads across computer vision, natural language processing, and generative AI.

“Weights & Biases’ goal is to streamline the workflow for all ML practitioners,” said Seann Gardiner, VP Business Development & International at Weights & Biases. “The integrations we’ve built in collaboration with NVIDIA will accelerate organizations of all sizes to develop and adopt AI to transform their offerings and operations.”

The integrations introduced today include:

  • Validation for NVIDIA AI Enterprise – The software layer of the NVIDIA AI platform, NVIDIA AI Enterprise accelerates the data science pipeline and streamlines development of production AI. NVIDIA AI Enterprise includes the full AI software stack from NVIDIA, including MONAI, TAO Toolkit, and over 50 pretrained models and frameworks. With NVIDIA Enterprise Support included and available everywhere, enterprises have the flexibility to run their NVIDIA AI-enabled solutions across the cloud, data center, and edge for a true develop-once-and-deploy-anywhere experience. The Weights & Biases platform has been validated with NVIDIA AI Enterprise, ensuring users that Weights & Biases can track all of the model metrics, system metrics, and model artifacts for machine learning workloads trained with NVIDIA AI Enterprise.
  • Integration with MONAI, NVIDIA AI Enterprise – Weights & Biases now supports MONAI, a PyTorch-based and domain-specific framework for building medical imaging AI, co-developed by NVIDIA. The integrated offering is available with NVIDIA AI Enterprise, NVIDIA’s enterprise-focused and supported distribution of MONAI. Users can leverage Weights & Biases MLOps platform to accelerate the development of computer vision models for healthcare-focused image segmentation.
  • Integration with NVIDIA TAO Toolkit, NVIDIA AI Enterprise – Developing production-quality vision AI applications is challenging and often out of reach for many organizations. Included in NVIDIA AI Enterprise is TAO Toolkit, a low-code AI toolkit that provides organizations with pretrained algorithms and a simple interface to fine-tune AI models with custom datasets. TAO Toolkit users can now track their experiments with the Weights & Biases platform, providing visibility into how the model is converging and performing.
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