Wialon announced 12 best telematics sol at the IoT project of the year

The world’s only contest for IoT solutions IoT project of the year was held for the third time and named 12 best projects over the last 12 months. The companies that won managed to create the most functional solutions, implement non-standard ideas using telematics and IoT technologies in different industries. These projects were implemented globally, from Switzerland, Israel and Lithuania to Mexico, South Africa and Lebanon. The winners were announced on October 9, 2022, in Dubai.

International jury of IoT experts from well-known companies in the industry such as  Wialon, Teltonika Telematics, Volvo Construction Equipment, IoT M2M Council, Queclink Wireless Solutions and Xirgo Global | Sensata named the winners in 11 nominations. They were determined in different categories: from cold chain transportation and long-haul shipping to agriculture and public safety. And the brightest project among all the participants got the Community Choice award. The winner has been decided by the open voting in the IoT and telematics community. The biggest number of votes went to a project implemented by an enterprise solution provider MaliaTec from Lebanon.

“Today we all witness IoT getting embedded into more and more industries all over the globe. The flexibility of the technology means solutions are limited only by users’ creativity. And the IoT project of the year contest is aimed to highlight the best industry solutions delivered over the past year and inspire businesses to become more efficient through IoT,” says Aliaksandr Kuushynau, Head of Wialon, Gurtam.

This year, projects submitted from 24 countries showed that the possibilities and potential of telematics and IoT can be used in any business to optimize processes, reduce costs and remarkably stand out in the market. For example, over a million dollars was saved by the largest Mexican beef, pork, and chicken exporter due to the CTTMX telematics solution, that prevented cargo and vehicle theft. MaliaTec optimized cold chain delivery of a leading provider of cold chain solutions across the UAE. The result was an achievement of an average success ratio of 98.2% for guaranteed next day deliveries, while the industry standard rate is 70%. Gotthard Handels AG from Switzerland implemented a tracking solution for the railway construction wagons allowing the rental company to significantly improve their asset management.

The IoT project of the year contest is hosted by the team behind Wialon, an ultimate telematics and IoT platform with over 3.4 million vehicles and other assets connected all over the world. The idea of the award is to demonstrate the incredible development pace of the IoT and telematics; to show how innovative projects change business but also the spheres of human life – from offering personal safety to contributing to environmental problems.

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