Wireless Wearable Speaker That Only You Can Hear

Japanese company AFUR Co., Ltd. has announced the launch of ‘Parso,’ a wireless, wearable, unidirectional speaker that only you can hear.

Instead of having to plug your ears with headphones, Parso provides an experience where you can hear the sound only for yourself without wearing a device in your ears. Even in an open space for online meetings or in an environment with a helmet on, if you point Parso at your head, only you can hear the sound loud and clear.

One of a Kind

Parso is a highly directional speaker that uses ultrasonic elements. In the past, speakers using ultrasonic waves were not suitable to be wearable due to problems such as size and power consumption, but this problem has been solved by this innovative company by using both structural and electronic circuit approaches. AFUR Co., Ltd. has commercialized an ultrasonic speaker, and now, it can be worn for the first time in the world.

True Mobility

Parso can be securely worn for walking or running and can also be mounted using a standard ¼” tripod screw mount. Perform outdoor activities with completely open ears and keep whatever you’re listening to yourself contained, even while wearing a helmet. With a three hour estimated battery life, Parso can be used in cafes, campsites, and other environments where you want to play music only in a specific area.

Pricing and Availability

Parso will be available for around USD $350 with very limited discounts for cloud funding. 250 devices will be available May 2022, and availability is subject to change. Sign-up for the newsletter for updates, and contact the company for details.

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