World’s First AI and ML-based Market Research Platform ‘BYOR’ Launched With 1 Million Datasets

World's First AI and ML-based Market Research Platform 'BYOR' Launched With 1 Million Datasets

In the USD 250 billion market Intelligence and consulting industry, syndicate reports have been produced traditionally using manual work done by Analysts. Market data is typically sourced from sources such as annual reports, paid databases, investor presentations and so on, which is further validated through primary interviews from executives across functions such as Operations, marketing, business development and strategy in different companies. This process leads to extended timeline in producing data and thus limits the amount of reports a publisher can provide as well as create a data availability gap, especially for clients need data immediately. Manual process of gathering and analyzing data also leads to higher price points for the published reports. Considering these pain points for clients, a team of subject matter experts with a cumulative experience of more than 40 years and data scientists worked for the past 3 years at BYOR to provide a solution to resolve the same. As a fruit of our efforts, the team is proud to announce our flagship product “BYOR – World’s First AI and ML based Market research platform”.  According to Mr. Chaitanya, Project Head for BYOR, the platform can deliver reports at 2x speed to clients at 70% lower cost on average and also with an improved 5x data accuracy rate compared to traditional report production models.

You can reach out to for any enquiries on reports and visit to build your own report today.

BYOR or Build Your Own Report is an online platform which provides highly customized reports to clients on their markets of choice, using an online report-builder tool. Clients get tons of options to select the exact market scope – product types, technology, applications, end-use verticals, competitors of interest and so on. According to Mr. Sanjay, CEO and Co-Founder “We also provide market data for 1 Million+ datasets across 100+ countries, which remains unparalleled among any global market research publishers. All of our datasets are prepared based on data aggregated from millions of public and private sources using proprietary ML and AI algorithms for enhanced levels of accuracy and turnaround times.”

Some of the Key Features provided uniquely with BYOR to prospective clients:

  • Instant selection from 1 Million+ titles
  • Endless customization by choosing only segments of interest
  • Datasets available for all markets across 100+ countries
  • Data Delivery Options: Excel and/or PPT
  • In-depth Competitor Analysis.
  • Fastest turnaround time – 4 to 48 hours Delivery
  • Unbelievably low price points – Starting from just $500
  • Highest levels of data accuracy
  • 100% Refund Policy if not satisfied with data quality

Accuracy built into the DNA of the Platform
Each data point in a market is cross-checked with a specific market model and internal databases vetted by our industry experts. BYOR also ensures that the error margins and standard deviations from multiple sources are compared efficiently to give the best-fit data in a report. The algorithms built for the platform constantly search for new information from public records such as Annual reports, SEC Filings, Investor presentations, company articles, 5000+ news feeds and more, as well as private databases such as Factiva, Hoovers, One Source and our own internal database developed in the past 5 years. The BYOR platform architecture has been developed from ground-up to ensure the highest accuracy levels by processing more than a billion data points on a daily basis.

Fastest Delivery Times Among Peers
BYOR report and data delivery times are best compared to traditional publishers with 2x to 5x comparative performance. Traditional publishers can typically take 2 to 4 weeks’ time to deliver the same amount of data as per our research done with clients. Delivery timeline for any report varies between 4 to 48 hours in the chosen format of the client depending upon amount of data requested, number of scope segmentations and priority level of the order.

Once an order is received, the BYOR platform automatically dispatches a fresh data pull request on the report to the Central Data Engine (CDE) with the selected parameters. All new data extracted will be cleaned, compared to earlier PASS versions and then further validated by our analysts to ensure the final version sent to client is devoid of any technical, grammatical errors and data accuracy is not compromised at any level.

Lowest Price Points to Enable Multiple Datasets Access
Any product or service is charged based on the time, efforts spent on it along with other fixed costs. Due to usage of ML and AI, we could notice a significant reduction of our costs by automating 80% of the report production process and hence BYOR gladly passes on the cost savings to the clients.

Quality Data Promise
While ML and AI are technologies being used to provide accurate data at a faster turnaround with a low price point – the foundational focus of BYOR remains “Quality Data”. The entire team at BYOR takes this core vision very seriously and have multiple checks before data is delivered to clients. Multiple iterations are done for each data model for a market to train the algorithm and also reduce the error rates or error margins, in order to promise a best-in class report to clients. This is the reason why BYOR confidently offers a 100% refund – no questions asked, which is an unheard of gesture and policy in the market intelligence industry.

About BYOR:
BYOR is an online platform which provides custom reports to clients on their markets of choice, based on data from millions of public and private sources using proprietary ML and AI algorithms for enhanced levels of accuracy and turnaround times. For more details write to

Mr. Chaitanya
Project Head, Client Relations Manager

SOURCE BYOR-Build Your Own Reports


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