Yeloworld raises Funding of over 100 mn CNY for Carbon Neutrality

On October 11, 2021, Yeloworld successfully raised Series B Funding of over 100 million CNY from Wanhua Chemical, following Series A Funding from SINOPEC and Shangnan. The funds will be used for system algorithm R&D, packaging material technology development and reverse logistics system construction.

Founded in 2018, Yeloworld is an infrastructural service provider in the supply chain of intelligent packaging and logistics. The Company, which owns brands including Yelopack, Yelotour, Yelolife and Yeloant, produces packaging products under international standards for recycling, aiming at promoting the recycling of plastic products to maximize environmental protection and resource conservation. Yeloworld supplies intelligent returnable pallets for 13,000 clients, with packaging quantity of above 1.6 million, involving chemical, coating, electronics, new energy, new materials, tyre, auto parts, etc.

To achieve global carbon neutrality, Yeloworld proposes effective solutions for clients by intellectualization, material recycling and carbon emission reduction. Yeloworld has integrated mobile Internet, IoT, big data, cloud computing and high-precision positioning technology into intelligent packaging, enabling autonomous package positioning, with data uploaded to the supply chain management platform. With an intelligent green recycling system and modern techniques, including cloud computing, for customer information protection, Yeloworld focuses on making intelligent packaging products out of sustainable, low-carbon materials, providing one-stop packaging solutions for global partners. Meanwhile, Yeloworld keeps improving its information management process and upgrading its information system to provide effective technical support for information system security and data security, with data access security under control.

Based on the concept of “Click to global business”, Yeloworld will actively extend along the chemical industrial chain to continuously improve its core business capabilities and develop new energy. Yeloworld will deeply explore the chemical industry with its own professional skills to open up a diversified market to promote the sound development of intelligent recyclable packaging.

Yeloworld has established a global green recyclable packaging system based on pallet recycling and sharing. Adhering to the strategy of sustainability, we have combined sustainable development organically with business and social economy to achieve both economic and environmental benefits. Shi Xiang, CEO of Yeloworld, says, “Carbon neutrality will bring a development opportunity worth over 1 trillion CNY. As one of the important ways to achieve carbon neutrality, Yeloworld is committed to helping global enterprises steadily promote carbon neutrality through our intelligent green recyclable packaging system to reduce costs and increase benefits.”

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