ZeroFox Bolsters International Breach Response Capabilities

Expands IDX’s Leading Breach Response Services to Multinational Enterprises

ZeroFox, a leading external cybersecurity provider, today announced that it will now provide comprehensive breach response services to multinational companies who have suffered a data breach with impacted people living outside the United States. This capability expands on the existing leadership position held by IDX, a ZeroFox company, within the breach response market in the US.

Breaches continue to rise globally. According to the 2022 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report, of the over 9800 incidents tracked by Verizon in 2021, 54% occurred outside the United States. Many of these breaches impacted individuals residing within the European Union, which boasts some of the strictest data security and privacy regulations in the world. The combination of the rise in breaches and increasing regulations leaves a growing gap for multinational businesses in need of breach response and mitigation services.

The expanded multinational breach response offering will provide full service breach notification, response, and mitigation services to impacted companies and individuals on an international scale. The offering includes:

  • Breach response notifications: Notifications related to incidents can be delivered to the impacted population through multiple channels, including printed mail and email, and translated into any language.
  • Call center: 24/7 availability by toll-free phone number. The impacted population can speak directly to a multilingual agent who can further update members on the details of the incident. Call center agents are trained professionals who understand the situation and can offer guidance and advice on how to handle the aftermath of a data breach.
  • Hosted Website: IDX can host an incident-specific website for the breaching entity that is localized in any language to allow individuals to receive more information about the incident or to enroll in monitoring and protection services.
  • Language support: Users can select their language preference to be saved so that when the user returns to their IDX account, it will display according to their previously disclosed language preference. Current languages supported are French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Portuguese.
  • International identity monitoring: The impacted population can monitor if their PII is found on the dark web by utilizing our proprietary dark web technology that scours 24/7 for stolen identities. Additionally, social media monitoring allows the individual to protect their reputation and presence across multiple media platforms. These monitoring services can be provided globally and enables members to take immediate steps to protect themselves.
  • Control over personal data: Members can request a copy of their data that is stored and protected on the IDX platform. Once breach response coverage ends, members can erase their accounts completely, along with all the data associated with that account with the click of a button.

ZeroFox enables organizations to expose, disrupt, and respond to threats outside the perimeter. Through the acquisition of IDX in August 2022, ZeroFox now offers comprehensive external cybersecurity, pre and post breach. This release represents a continued expansion of the IDX Breach Response capabilities. For more information on the IDX multinational breach response services, please visit

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