ZIB Intelligent Robot’s stunning appearance at CES

ZIB Intelligent Robot Shows Chinese AI to the World
artificial-intelligence ZIB Intelligent Robot's stunning appearance at CES

As a high-end AIED product from China, ZIB Intelligent Robot attracted the attention of exhibitors and technology enthusiasts at CES 2019.

ZIB Intelligent Robot’s lovely appearance, sensitive and accurate response, comprehensive and excellent performance left a deep impression on the audience. Its clever “cerebellum” is loaded with the powerful information processing capabilities and the industry-leading speech recognition technology of children achieved through years of research and development.

ZIB Proposes AIED China Scheme

With the advanced pace of daily life and the speed of social information dissemination, there is no doubt that many families have had “low-quality companionship” problems, such as “No time for kids, questions don’t get answered, and they look at their cell phones.” Due to the pressure on parents, problems with their children’s education can fall behind.On the other hand, children are exposed dozens of times more information a day than in the past, and how to digest children’s curiosity about the unknown has become a problem for parents.

In view of the above problems, based on AIED technology, through human-computer voice interaction, online education courses, intelligent life management,ZIB has achieved the overall solution to the problem Chinese families are facing. This meets the needs of Chinese families in the fields of knowledge education and habit formation. Based on intelligent information services, the product development strategy of controlling hardware cost by upgrading technology at a cost of less than 1,000 yuanthis will help ZIB Intelligent Robot meet the consumption standards of more families. This will enable more families to utilize ZIB technology under the company slogan of “Intelligent companionship for happy growth.”

Pretty and Intelligent – exquisite appearance utilizes top technology

With the continuous development and upgrading of the Internet industry, artificial intelligence (AI) is already available. From AlphaGo to Siri, AI is imperceptibly integrated into and affects our daily lives. With aintelligent companion for children, users can feel the revolution in education followed with fusion of artificial intelligence and traditional education.

Compared with other AIED products, the ZIB Intelligent Robot has broken through the functional limitation of the traditional products and has realized the educational benefits, companionship and ability to provide knowledge to children. From the perspective of parents, it realizes real-time interaction between parents and children, remote operation of WeChat and other humanized functions. Moreover, it helps parents understand their children’s living conditions, shape their children’s good living habits, and assist parents to cultivate their children’s character, so that their children can feel the all-round care from their parents. As a result of the “Intelligent companionship for happy growth” product development concept, ZIB puts the needs of parents and children first, smart companion technology can be widely recognized as cutting-edge technology and then become the industry leader in accompanying robots.

Since its foundation in 2016, ZIB has been at the forefront of the children’s robotics industry, winning more than 10 awards at all levels of science and technology in China. In 2017, it made its debut at CES and was awarded the Sino-American Star Innovation Brand Award, and reach strategic cooperation with Baidu and other well-known intelligent technology enterprises, it has become one of the smart device cases promoted by Baidu AI Open platform in children’s robot industry. As a representative of domestic AIED products in the 2019 Las Vegas CES, we once again demonstrated to the world the high standard and high quality of the “Wisdom in China.” We firmly believe that with the continuous development of artificial intelligence and the development of “Made in China 2025″ Program. ZIB technology will make greater achievements in the field of AIED and become a leading Chinese brand.



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