Alpha Generation Distribution Announces New Partnership to Eliminate ‘Security Scaremongering’

Channel experts Alpha Generation say Orpheus' risk rating and threat intelligence helps business spend based on insight, not fear
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Value-added IT security distributor Alpha Generation Distribution (part of the 4SEC Group) has announced a new partnership with Orpheus, a highly-accredited provider of cyber threat intelligence and cyber risk rating.

The only UK-government accredited cyber threat intelligence firm providing cyber risk rating, Orpheus combines award-winning technology and human expertise to help businesses make smarter decisions about their IT and security spend. Orpheus’ unique platform shows who is likely to attack an organisation, how they are going to do so and the live vulnerabilities on the network they are very likely to exploit. That enables laser-focused spending on the immediate security measures necessary to prevent an attack happening.

“We’re in an industry where it’s easy to get attention,” says Chris Walsh, Sales Director at Alpha Generation Distribution. “People throw out scary statistics in order to sell whatever new innovation is available, regardless of whether it’s relevant to a given customer. But if you don’t know what you really need, you’ll only end up with a lot of what you don’t. Our approach is different. We know risk is more nuanced and individual. Our new partnership with Orpheus is testament to that.”

Orpheus’ award-winning solutions address the industry-wide issue of poor intelligence. Orpheus’ Cyber Risk Rating delivers immediate assessments of the threats and vulnerabilities of any organisation, as well as third parties including supply chains and potential partners. This highly scalable approach enables users to understand their exposure at any given moment. Meanwhile, Orpheus Cyber Threat Intelligence combines machine learning and expert analysts to turn data into clear, actionable intelligence.

Crucially, Orpheus’ solutions are designed to underpin every security decision, giving people a way to target their spending based on where they are most exposed to risk – not a one-size-fits-all generalisation or vague security trends.

“Understanding your cyber risk is important to every business,” says Zoe Clark, Director of Channel Sales at Orpheus. “While most solutions are built for the enterprise, we want to make government-accredited threat intelligence and cyber risk rating accessible to everyone, so they can make smarter and more informed decisions. We selected Alpha Generation as a team that shares our values and attitude while bringing impressive sales, pre-sales and professional services expertise. We can’t wait to start working with resellers on delivering intelligence where it’s most needed.”

Orpheus gives end-users better intelligence and, in turn, more confidence to spend on security where it matters most. For resellers who share Alpha Generation’s focus on transparency, clarity and proactive security, it’s a fresh new approach which can drive revenue on multiple fronts.

“There’s something for everyone in our partner community,” adds Walsh. “For people providing services to end-users, they can offer risk summary reports and use them as an opportunity to regularly check-in. Every one of those is a chance to understand what customers need and then deliver it. At the same time, putting better intelligence in the hands of end-users is increasingly important – not just to inform spending, but also as cyber security insurance grows and people need more insight than ever before.”

Alpha Generation is currently looking for a select number of resellers to help bring this new approach to market.

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About Orpheus
Orpheus is the leading threat intelligence and cyber risk rating company, trusted by major organisations worldwide to help protect their vital assets.

Orpheus is the only UK-government accredited cyber threat intelligence company providing cyber risk rating services. Their powerful and award-winning technologies collect huge volumes of cyber risk data, which is analysed using machine learning and a highly skilled team. As a result, customers can stop cyber risks before they happen.


About Alpha Generation Distribution Ltd
Alpha Generation Distribution is a 4SEC Group company providing value-added distribution to the UK IT channel. Founded in May 2013, it has a strong background in IT distribution and specialises in proactive security solutions. Alpha Generation works on a foundation of product knowledge, channel building, marketing support and personal expertise to deliver tangible value to the channel.


SOURCE Alpha Generation Distribution Ltd

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