eBacon Announces the World’s First Service Contract Act Compliance Platform

Expanding to support businesses providing services to the government
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 eBacon, the revolutionary cloud-based compliance platform, has announced eBacon for Service Contract Act Compliance. Drawing on extensive experience with Davis Bacon compliance, this new service overhauls the compliance process for service contractors working on government projects. Instead of having workflows across different systems, eBacon Service Contract Act Compliance brings everything together.

eBacon’s powerful all-in-one cloud-based system can now manage the compliance workflows of companies performing work regulated by the Service Contract Act. No other cloud-based compliance system is dedicated to supporting businesses doing service contracts.

“We are always looking to push the limits of what our system can do and adding support for the compliance complexities of the Service Contract Act is a natural next step,” said Jack Biltis, CEO of eBacon. “Current clients see a 35% reduction in administrative costs and a 50% reduction in administrative time to complete payroll and compliance.”

Administrators will be able to manage fringe costs through a robust fringe benefits management system. This allows contractors to optimize payroll and minimize their tax liabilities, for more successful business outcomes and more competitive bids.

Reports can be generated automatically in case of a government audit and users no longer must shuffle through documents; everything is paperless and centralized.

With simplified time and attendance tracking, employers can keep track of private and public work in real-time.

Employees can easily report the job they are working on and the system handles the rest:

  • Correct wages are automatically assigned
  • Employees can easily switch between private and public jobs
  • Employers maintain constant compliance with wage and fringe benefit requirements

There are also many convenient ways to track time, including mobile app GPS capabilities, facial recognition, texting, and fingerprint. These time tracking capabilities can help minimize fraudulent time reporting, such as “buddy punching.”

Complying with paid time off (PTO) and local sick time off is a complex compliance issue. With eBacon, the platform automatically ensures PTO and sick time policies comply with applicable laws. Through a self-service system, it is easy for employees to request time off based on PTO policies.

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About eBacon
eBacon is the leading compliance software company that automates calculation, reporting, and compliance. The platform combines mobile time tracking, fringe benefit management, payroll, and reporting.

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