Anti-malware Endpoint Platform Minerva Labs Posts Positive Results

Internet Security Threats Persist in Pandemic; Minerva Protects Customers Network

Minerva Labs, a leading provider of anti-malware endpoint platform, today announced that the company has achieved positive business results and company growth in spite of challenging global economic conditions derived from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Minerva Labs CEO Eddy Bobritsky announced that for 2020, the company posted profits for the fourth straight year and achieved 100 percent year over year growth from 2019 with a 97 percent customer renewal rate. In addition, the company doubled the number of employees in the last year primarily in research and development and customer support. Business demand for the first three months of 2021 remains strong and the company is optimistic it will continue to expand.

“When it comes to value, and return on security investment, our product proves to be of great value to our customers that makes the renewal easy,” said Bobritsky. “The two main growth engines for the company were the Anti-Ransomware Solution that prevented all major ransomware attacks during 2020 and the award winning ‘Just-In-Time’ Endpoint Protection for unmanaged devices (BOYD/BYOPC) that employees use for their remote work from home (WFH) efforts.”

Minerva Labs enterprise grade solution protects unmanaged devices throughout the working session without compromising a user’s privacy. The just-in-time protection is automatic once the remote connection established. It deactivates once the connection is terminated, ensuring a user’s privacy while protecting the organization from unmanaged/unsecured devices in today’s zero-trust environments without additional operational overhead.

Another security incident that positively impacted Minerva Labs’ results was the SolarWinds incident unveiled by FireEye in December 2020. Minerva Labs technology protected customers against SolarWinds-related events back in August 2020, and Minerva’s customers were not negatively affected. FireEye’s report (which can be found here) explains how the malicious backdoor refused to work when certain blacklisted processes are present in the operating system, proving once again the effectiveness of the Minerva approach and the Hostile Environment Simulation module which is one of the main parts of Minerva’s pre-execution threat prevention platform.

“Minerva Labs prevents threats at pre-execution phase, much like preventing a murder,” said Bobritsky. “Once murder is prevented, now you’re making sure the potential victim is safe and secure instead of post-mortem analysis on the body of a murder victim. When we were approached by some of our customers asking about this event, we instructed them to contact SolarWinds and to get explanations why the SolarWinds software was trying to use evasion techniques as part of its regular operational process. A few months later, FireEye released the report, so it was only then that we realized that our solution protected our customers against this specific attack.”

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