Triax Launches IoT Solution Providing Preventative Safety Tools

Company expands line of wearable technology to address range of organizational safety, operational needs and COVID mitigation, as needed, across industries

Triax Technologies, Inc., a leading Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provider connecting construction, energy, manufacturing and industrial worksites, announced today that it has launched a streamlined IoT solution, Spot-r Radius, expanding its flagship Spot-r suite of solutions. Spot-r Radius is a wearable solution that provides real-time preventative alerts and daily operational data insights, enabling companies to operate more safely and productively. The new solution incorporates Triax’s Proximity Trace* technology, providing device-to-device connectivity, which has helped keep workers safe through social distancing and contact tracing at more than 275 worksites during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Spot-r Radius, a self-deployable and lightweight wearable technology, provides key worker-to-worker, worker-to-location and worker-to-equipment-based intelligence to deliver valuable insights into daily operations. In addition to real-time safety alerts that proactively notify workers before entering hazardous areas or no-go zones, Spot-r Radius automates headcount and hours for daily reporting and labor billing verification; tracks equipment utilization; identifies bottlenecks causing inefficiencies on site; and supports social distancing and digital contact tracing, as needed. Its analytics reports, automatically uploaded to the cloud at the end of each day, help organizations improve sitewide efficiency and measure workforce behavior and risk KPIs.

“The insight we gained about our customers’ digital needs during the pandemic helped shape the development of Spot-r Radius and the expansion of our product line,” said Robert Costantini, Triax Technologies CEO. “Spot-r Radius is ideal for companies that are at the early stages of their digital transformation journeys and don’t have complex or real-time data requirements. While data is critical to gaining insights, too much of it initially can make analysis difficult. By collecting just what companies need when they start out – headcount, equipment usage data and more – Spot-r Radius helps companies identify ways to operate more safely and efficiently, while enabling proactive safety measures through its real-time alerting capabilities.”

According to Rose Hall, Head of Construction Innovation for AXA XL, which includes Triax as a technology partner in its Construction Ecosystem, “Construction jobsites are busy, risky workplaces. Spot-r Radius can help contractors gain peace of mind by giving workers added awareness into their surroundings on the jobsite and helping to keep workers at safe distances. Having this real-time feedback can minimize potential safety risks.”

Spot-r Radius joins Triax’s other IoT solutions, including its flagship Spot-r network solution – now known as Spot-r Mesh – which is a comprehensive safety, productivity and workforce management platform for complex worksites with real-time location and data needs; and Spot-r Access, a simplified approach to helping organizations control site entry and exit for safety and security.

Beyond social distancing

Spot-r Radius leverages the real-time proximity alerting technology that the company had developed for Proximity Trace, bringing new worker-facing, safety alerting capabilities to the Spot-r suite of products. To date, the more than 100 organizations across North America that have adopted Proximity Trace have been able to reduce close contact interactions between workers by 50 percent on average, in as few as two weeks of use.

Spot-r Radius is well-suited for all industrial worksites, including construction, energy, food processing, manufacturing, mining and other industries looking to digitize their worksites, while supporting their back-to-work strategies. An intrinsically safe version of the product enables it to operate reliably in very hazardous work environments. Spot-r Radius, which is easy to deploy and use, has modest network and power requirements.

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