ASCM SCOR Standards Now Open to All Organizations to improve SCM

Supply Chain Operations Reference Digital Standard and Digital Capabilities Model will help organizations worldwide achieve efficiencies, streamline operations and ultimately serve consumers better

The Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM), the global leader in supply chain education, transformation, innovation and leadership, today announced that the Supply Chain Operations Reference Digital Standard (SCOR DS) and Digital Capabilities Model (DCM) are now available to the public as free, open-access tools for improving supply chain processes and practices. These offerings were previously only available to ASCM members, however due to chronic supply disruptions, ASCM leadership believes that all supply chain professionals should have free access to these tools.

SCOR is the only globally accepted standard developed by supply chain professionals for supply chain professionals. It is designed to help organizations evaluate and improve their supply chain processes in order to better meet customer demand. More than 2,000 supply chains participated in the development of the model, and more than 5,000 supply chains have built themselves on the foundation of SCOR since it was first released in 1996. The SCOR DS, the latest iteration of SCOR, is a fully linked, platform-agnostic framework linking business processes, metrics, best practices and technology into a unified structure.

The SCOR DS also connects with the new DCM for supply networks. Created in partnership with Deloitte, the DCM serves as a reference model to guide the development of digital supply networks. The model is designed in a relational manner to help supply chain professionals envision and build the digitally enabled capabilities required to transform their linear supply chains into a set of dynamic networks. The connection of SCOR DS and DCM elements and metrics enables companies to cross-reference their supply chain functions and processes by breaking through functional silos and making their supply chains more dynamic, which is a must in the ever-changing markets of today.

“What the Great Supply Chain Disruption has made more apparent than ever is that supply chains are not just the lifelines of companies, they are what keeps society moving, “said ASCM CEO Abe Eshkenazi, CSCP. CPA, CAE. “Every supply chain is inexorably linked. When one chain is broken, the impact reverberates globally, which is why we felt it was necessary to make our standards accessible to all supply chain professionals.”

The SCOR standards connect quantitative data, best practices and network complexity to give supply chain organizations a common language to accelerate digital transformation, reduce costs and streamline operations.

ASCM Executive Vice Presidents Peter Bolstorff and Douglas Kent discussed SCOR DS and the DCM in a recent LinkedIn Live discussion. Both Peter and Douglas along with Chris Richard, principal, strategy and operations at Deloitte, will lead the “Rebuilding SCOR for 2030” session at ASCM CONNECT 2021 on Tuesday, October 26th. To register for the event, please visit

The SCOR DS and the DCM join ASCM’s other free, open-access standards, the ASCM Enterprise Standards and the Global Health Maturity Model. To access all of these tools, visit

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