How USAA is Utilizing NLP to Improve the Member Experience

USAA is using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to improve the member experience and facilitate faster decision-making. NLP is a subfield of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that uses computers to process and analyze large amounts of text and spoken words. These analyses are then studied and used to improve processes, experiences and regulatory compliance.

“USAA’s member satisfaction rankings have always been best in class, and we are applying our exceptional data science talent to expand our use of NLP and AI to further strengthen that satisfaction,” said Dave Gordon, USAA Bank Chief Technology and Data Officer.

Below are several examples of areas where USAA is utilizing NLP:

Banking Experience

USAA Bank is leveraging NLP to gain a better understanding of why members are calling. Traditional approaches involved a team of humans to listen to calls and/or read thousands of call transcripts. To reduce this manual work, the Bank has developed an NLP capability that automatically identifies the reason why members are calling USAA. This NLP capability enables the Bank to take proactive actions that enhance operational efficiencies, improve the members’ experience and strengthen compliance.

Auto Claims

USAA is piloting the use of NLP in the auto claims experience to understand when intervention is needed for increased member satisfaction. NLP identifies key words in claims phone calls that indicate whether a member needs additional help.

NLP is also used in the auto claims process to ensure proper subrogation (the process of insurers paying other insurers) and for liability decision making.

“Natural language processing is another tool in our toolbelt to ensure we are providing the best possible service to our members,” said Sean Burgess, USAA Chief Claims Officer. “Our member service representatives have set the stage for world-class service and we constantly seek out the best technology to supplement that service.”

Life Insurance

In the life insurance underwriting process, reviewing medical records is time consuming for an underwriter. To reduce some of this manual work, USAA is now utilizing NLP to digitize paper medical records and build summaries for applicable life insurance underwriting, resulting in a significant reduction in time. Manual summaries can take up to five days to complete; NLP can reduce that time down to a single day.

Founded in 1922 by a group of military officers, USAA is among the leading providers of insurance, banking and investment and retirement solutions to more than 13 million members of the U.S. military, veterans who have honorably served and their families. Headquartered in San Antonio, USAA has offices in seven U.S. cities and three overseas locations and employs approximately 36,000 people worldwide. Each year, the company contributes to national and local nonprofits in support of military families and communities where employees live and work. For more information about USAA, follow us on Facebook or Twitter (@USAA), or visit

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