Axio Offers Free Coverage Analysis for SolarWinds Impacts

Limited time offering performs rapid analysis of insurance coverage

Axio, a leading cyber risk management Software-as-a-Service company, today launched a limited time offering, through January 31, 2021, to perform a rapid analysis of insurance coverage in the wake of the SolarWinds event.

“After the 2017 NotPetya attack, certain insurers cited the ‘act of war’ exclusion to deny claims from that event because the attack originated from nation-state actors. SolarWinds could open up that can of worms again so any potentially impacted company should understand the possible pitfalls in their insurance coverages,” said Scott Kannry, CEO of Axio. “To help gain quick insight into potential problem spots, we’re happy to make the Axio360 policy analysis engine available for the next month to any company that is interested.”

Axio’s AI engine identifies exclusions and clauses that could present coverage problems for SolarWinds-related losses, such as act of war exclusions, targeted attack exclusions, and even new exclusions being introduced that specifically reference the SolarWinds event. Companies wishing to take advantage of Axio’s offer should provide a policy to be analyzed and within one business day receive an email with flagged clauses identified and suggestions as to next steps and deeper analysis.

“The SolarWinds event is unprecedented in magnitude with over 300,000 companies potentially impacted. Now is the time for these companies to understand what could be at risk and if their insurance coverages will be there when most needed,” added Kannry.

For more information on Axio’s limited time offering, please visit here before January 31, 2021 to have your policy analyzed.

In addition to this coverage analysis offering, Axio will conduct a fireside chat to further how to understand SolarWinds-related exposures and insurance considerations on January 13, 2021. More information about this event to follow.

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