Beyond Codes signs 7 AI product companies

A global Lead Generation company, Beyond Codes is assisting some of the fastest growing IT companies to expand their market reach through B2B appointment setting, Account Based Marketing and Events & Webinars.

While Tech Giants are aggressively integrating AI powered technologies into their products, there are numerous start-ups too, who are vying for a toe hold in the AI space. Most companies want to have effective data-driven decision making at their core. In fact, according to Forbes, the pandemic has accelerated the use of AI based technology and it is not just the Healthcare and Education industries that have monopolized its use, it is uniformly employed across industries.

In such an atmosphere of bustle, Beyond Codes has acquired 7 AI product companies as clients, in the last quarter itself. Spread across North America, Europe, India and Australia, these companies are serviced out of our global delivery centers, with 360-degree support from our Sales and In House Research team.

“In a data-driven world, no company has been left untouched by AI Technology. Some might be at the beginning of their digital journey, others a little more technology savvy and others yet, real pathbreakers, but realistically speaking, every business operation today seeks to take advantage of AI systems built on mountains of web data that is publicly available. We are at an inflection point and businesses are transforming as we speak. Beyond Codes has a deep understanding of the technology and the wherewithal to help companies penetrate this market space,” said Gaurav Kumar, CEO of Beyond Codes.

Having 250 plus campaigns and 84 customers, most of whom are new-age companies, makes Beyond Codes the frontrunner in the lead generation segment. Ashish Sharma, Global Head-Sales, said, “It has been a busy year, and as more companies realize how AI is impacting revenue increase and cost reduction, this space will heat up further, and Beyond Codes recognizes this strategic opportunity and has scaled up at the right time to handle the upswing.”

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