Crowdworks showcases its AI data solutions at VivaTech 2023

Crowdworks AI, a leading South Korean data platform for artificial intelligence (AI), is participating in VivaTech 2023, Europe’s largest startup and tech event, held in Paris from June 14th to 17th.

Crowdworks provides end-to-end AI data labeling services for companies across industries. Crowdworks uses trained and specialized workforce and patented tools to label various types of data (image, text, video, audio) whilst applying painstaking quality control process. Businesses can leverage Crowdworks’ high-quality data to build a well-trained model using fewer data; such model can then be used to automate the rest of the labeling process.

In particular, top AI teams rely on Crowdworks’ exceptional data to power their language models. The platform boasts South Korea’s largest expert workforce, offering extensive domain expertise, exceptional scalability, and adaptable tools. In this data-centric era, the performance of AI models mainly relies on the quality of data. Following this trend, Crowdworks highlights the significance of the platform worker management system in a digital platform and how it influences data quality and project productivity; it claims that only companies with data and human technology will succeed as an essential platform for future innovation.

Crowdworks has validated the correlation between data quality and the capabilities of data labelers through her data annotator training programme, ‘Crowd Academy.’ As a result, the company has registered over 180 local and global platform labeler management technology patents, including ‘data-based labeler-project auto matching technology’ and ‘real-time abusive worker monitoring technology. By managing its 500K platform labelers with over 180 profile indexes — based on their project performances and behavioral data — Crowdworks delivers high-quality data with maximum efficiency.

Furthermore, listed as a Sample Vendor in the Gartner Hype Cycle for Data Science and Machine Learning 2022, its technological process has started making its appearance on the global stage.

At the booth, Crowdworks is showcasing the following services and solutions: Crowdworks™️(online data collection/annotation platform), Workstage™️(on-premise/SaaS-based AI data infrastructure solution), MLworks(Foundation model fine-tuning service) and Qualityworks(ground-truth-based verification service). These all together provide end-to-end service that accelerates clients’ entire AI model development lifecycle.

Minwoo Park, CEO of Crowdworks, says, “VivaTech 2023 presents an excellent opportunity to showcase our data-centric solution of the highest quality, along with the underlying ML technologies. As Crowdworks has been at the forefront of Korea’s AI industry development, we aim to demonstrate our technological process once again on a global scale and thrive as a leading global AI data platform.”

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