Epistemic AI Unveils Next-generation Biomedical GPT Technology

EpistemicGPT is packed with cutting-edge technology that makes complex biomedical research amazingly simple.

Epistemic AI unveiled its breakthrough generative AI solution for life science professionals, today at the BIO International Convention. EpistemicGPT is a unique product that addresses the acute market need for immediate access to accurate and reliable biomedical information. It empowers researchers to interact with highly complex data in a way that was unimaginable until now.

A state-of-the-art AI platform, EpistemicGPT employs large language models (LLMs), along with Epistemic AI’s highly curated and trusted 6+ billion node knowledge graph, to meet the challenges of providing complete, correct and referenced insights from biomedical knowledge.

“Our goal is to create better tools that can help cure disease,” said Stefano Pacifico, CEO and co-founder, Epistemic AI. “EpistemicGPT provides domain-specific biomedical evidence, with links to original documents and data, removing the concern of unreliable or fabricated information often found with chatGPT.”

How It Works

Most LLMs are trained on text collected from the internet, including large collections of documents. LLMs are trained to generate answers that sound realistic to a human. But for the biomedical community, this is insufficient, and the shortcomings of models such as ChatGPT are immediately evident. This is why Epistemic AI built EpistemicGPT to work on text and trusted biomedical data.

For life science professionals and clinical researchers, this is of paramount importance. A simple query on drug resistant cancer mutations, for instance, is transformed into a set of workflows that reveal pertinent articles, drugs and genes, all within context. EpistemicGPT makes this possible.

EpistemicGPT is not just a solution to find information through chat Q&A. It is where users can test hypotheses and lead optimization, prepare documents for trial planning, create market landscape reports and investigate regulatory approvals, all within minutes.

EpistemicGPT will soon be released to select beta customers. To get a demonstration of EpistemicGPT, please contact Epistemic AI.

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