Cyera announced its integration with Azure OpenAI

Integration builds on Cyera’s use of machine learning and large language models to further revolutionize
the way businesses defend their data and assure compliance

Cyera, the data security company, today announced its integration with Azure OpenAI. The integration enables Cyera customers to make faster, more informed decisions about data security, privacy, and governance.

Cyera’s data security platform empowers security teams to take confident, swift action by automatically deriving business context and understanding the intent behind the data being managed. The platform already makes use of Large Language Models (LLMs) to automatically differentiate between roles (like customers and employees), understand the data’s origin and purpose, and learn when data can be used to identify an individual. The platform then applies the correct security, privacy and compliance policies to uncover and remediate exposures to structured and unstructured data wherever it is being managed.

Integrating OpenAI’s large language models enables security practitioners to use free-form language to match data stores, data classes and issues, based on the technical or business problem they are trying to solve. For example, according to the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, insider threats made up 39% of data breaches in healthcare in 2022. Using semantic search to ask which issues increase an organization’s risk of a breach will instantly highlight protected healthcare information (PHI) accessible by stale users.

“With the current state of data breaches and privacy exposures, we’re excited about the way Cyera is harnessing the power of generative AI,” said Philippe Botteri, partner at Accel. “Since its inception, Cyera has been developing reasoning and comprehension capabilities using AI and machine learning. Adding the expansive training data and cognitive capabilities offered by Azure OpenAI will accelerate the innovative approach Cyera has taken to securing data in the cloud.”

OpenAI’s LLMs will also accelerate how Cyera governs access to sensitive data. Cyera’s unified policy engine will take advantage of the LLMs to identify misconfigurations, recommend specific access controls and generate new policies for data access governance.

“Security operations teams are overwhelmed by alerts but struggle to take action because they lack context,” said Tamar Bar-Ilan, co-founder and CTO of Cyera. “We are harnessing the power of natural language processing to extract unique insights and communicate them clearly using conversational language. As we continue to develop the technology, teams — even entire data defense ecosystems — can more easily leverage Cyera’s deep data context to make their security controls as dynamic as their data.”

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