ElcomSoft Decrypts iMessages in iCloud


ElcomSoft updates Elcomsoft Phone Breaker, the company’s mobile extraction tool. Version 8.30 becomes the first forensic tool to remotely extract encrypted iMessage conversations from Apple iCloud and synchronized by iOS 11.4 and newer.


“The communication protocol used for exchanging iMessages is extremely secure,” says Vladimir Katalov, ElcomSoft CEO. “Before iOS 11.4, sent and received text messages and iMessages could be only accessed by analyzing a physical iPhone device or iPhone’s full system backup. Our new tool enables remote access to iMessage conversation histories stored in Apple iCloud, which is a breakthrough achievement considering how well-protected the iMessages and the iPhone itself are.”


In addition, Elcomsoft Phone Viewer is updated to display iMessages extracted by Elcomsoft Phone Breaker 8.30.


iMessage Extraction


Elcomsoft Phone Breaker 8.30 extracts iMessages from the user’s iCloud account, and requires iCloud/Apple ID authentication credentials and a passcode (iPhone/iPad) or system password (Mac) of an enrolled device.


iMessage sync is exclusively available on Apple accounts with Two-Factor Authentication. As a result, access to the secondary authentication factor is mandatory when pulling iMessages from iCloud. In addition, a valid passcode or system password is required from one of the user’s devices enrolled in iMessage sync.


About Elcomsoft Phone Breaker


Elcomsoft Phone Breaker is an all-in-one mobile acquisition tool to extract information from a wide range of sources, decrypt cached passwords, obtain synced authentication credentials to a wide range of resources and pull communication histories and retrieve photos that’ve been deleted by the user a long time ago.


Pricing and Availability


Elcomsoft Phone Breaker 8.30 is offered for Windows and macOS in Home, Professional and Forensic editions. EPB Pro is available to North American customers for $199. The Forensic edition enabling over-the-air acquisition of iCloud data and support for binary authentication tokens is available for $799. The Home edition is available for $79. Local pricing may vary.


System Requirements


Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Windows 2008, 2012 and 2016 Server. Mac version: Mac OS X 10.7 and newer. iCloud Keychain access in Windows requires iCloud for Windows, Mac users must run macOS 10.11 or newer.


About ElcomSoft


Founded in 1990, ElcomSoft Co.Ltd. develops state-of-the-art computer forensics tools, provides computer forensics training and computer evidence consulting services. Since 1997, ElcomSoft has been providing support to businesses, law enforcement, military, and intelligence agencies. ElcomSoft tools are used by Fortune 500 corporations, governments, and major accounting firms.


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