ElectrifAi, Global Leader in Practical Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Appoints Female Executives to Leadership Positions

Saroj Venkatesh, Xian Sun and Nancy Hornberger join ElectrifAi's leadership team, solidifying the company's commitment to gender equality
Machine Learning

ElectrifAi, a global leader in the development of innovative and practical Artificial Intelligence (Ai) and Machine Learning (ML) products, is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Saroj Venkatesh as Head of India, Ms. Xian Sun as Head of China and Ms. Nancy Hornberger as Executive Vice President and Co-Head of Healthcare to its leadership team. Together, these three professionals bring almost 70 years of technology implementation, data science, software and business strategy implementation experience to the organization. They will be responsible for managing ElectrifAi’s strategic growth of their geographic and industry segments and continuing to deliver practical machine learning products and solutions to the company’s global customer base. Ms. Sun, Ms. Venkatesh and Ms. Hornberger will also join ElectrifAi’s global Management Committee.

“I am proud to have these three exceptional executives join ElectrifAi and propel us on our mission to change the way our customers work through machine learning. At ElectrifAi, our practical machine learning products help our customers drive profit and performance improvement while also reducing risk. ElectrifAi’s machine learning products are a unique blend of software and data science requiring multi-disciplinary skills. Each of these executives brings a unique set of skills to the table. Xian Sun is a world class data scientist and general manager, Saroj Venkatesh is a demonstrated leader in software development and operations, and Nancy Hornberger is a highly regarded expert in facilitating strategic growth within the healthcare industry,” said ElectrifAi CEO Edward Scott. “Over the past year, we have made strides towards gender parity and have been steadily expanding the presence of women in key leadership roles at our company. We are committed to pushing boundaries and leveling the playing field for women in technology. The addition of Xian, Saroj and Nancy to the team will be very significant for our company’s evolution, and we are confident that ElectrifAi will be an excellent environment for them to continue to make their mark as outstanding leaders in the technology world.”

ElectrifAi is an industry leader in diversity and gender equality, and the appointment of these new executives confirms the company’s commitment in this important area.

A veteran of the technology industry, Ms. Venkatesh has spent 24 years developing and delivering data intensive and business critical software products and services to global customers. Her past experiences include roles at Aircom International, Xansa, Steria and Tata Consultancy Services. In her new position, Saroj will be responsible for integrating ElectrifAi’s world class machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to best practices of software development and delivery.

Ms. Sun is a growth-focused data scientist who has utilized machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to provide sophisticated analytical solutions for businesses across the banking, insurance, loan and credit card industries for over 15 years. Having been with ElectrifAi since 2007 as China’s key data science leader for the company, Xian will now oversee the China office’s management and strategic growth.

Ms. Hornberger has over 30 years of experience developing and carrying out complex strategies that drive businesses’ growth. Prior to joining ElectrifAi, Nancy held roles at IBM, Texas Instruments, and BACHMAN Information Systems. In her new position, Nancy will oversee ElectrifAi’s evolution by facilitating strategic relationships and providing analytical solutions within the company’s healthcare department.

One of the oldest machine learning companies in the United States, ElectrifAi has been a leader in the space for over 15 years and counts many of America’s best known corporations as customers, including: Mars, Johnson & Johnson, T-Mobile, The United States Government, Novartis, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, MasterCard, Citi, Mercy Hospitals, Bon Secours and United Airlines.

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