AI Highlights its Vision to Democratize AI with “Make Your Company an AI Company”

Unveils an Open Source Catalog with over 110 AI Recipes; Previews Q, a New AI Platform for Business Users

H2O WORLD NEW YORK –, the open source leader in AI and machine learning, showcased new innovations that highlights its vision to democratize AI. The new innovations, including a preview of its new AI platform for business, H2O Q, extend the company’s leadership in AI and machine learning and provide a new way for new categories of business users to take advantage of AI.

“ is democratizing AI. We open-sourced more than 100 AI recipes for AutoML to foster explosive innovation and extensibility of ‘Bring Your Own Recipes’ in H2O Driverless AI. Customers will have the freedom to participate in the AI revolution that is transforming their industries,” said Sri Ambati, CEO and founder at “Making AI applications is still very expensive. We are excited to reveal our new platform, Q, which will power the imagination of the business maker who expects just-in-time responses from data to power decisions, tell stories, and fund AI app stores and data. Q is here to help the business user rapidly prototype applications from simple questions. Q democratizes making AI applications and will revolutionize time to market for AI.”

H2O Q: Democratizing AI Apps
Q is a new and innovative AI platform to make AI apps and will bring the power of AI to millions of business users. The new offering delivers automatic insights and predictions for “in the moment” business questions and is ideal for data analysts, citizen data scientists and all business users. Q provides the essential building blocks to make AI apps tailored to a user’s needs.

Make Your Own AI with H2O Driverless AI
During CEO Sri Ambati’s keynote, the company introduced the H2O Catalog with over 110 open-source recipes from, the community and partners, curated by expert data scientists and Kaggle Grandmasters. Now companies, from a single person startup to a large-scale enterprise, can “Bring Your Own Recipe” to extend and customize H2O Driverless AI, an award-winning automatic machine learning platform, to suit their AI needs with custom transformers, models and scorers. also introduced several commercially available domain-specific recipes including for Anti-Money Laundering (AML), cybersecurity monitoring and Master Data Management (MDM) that are ideal for industries dealing with highly sensitive data, such as financial services. Furthermore, organizations can make their own recipes based on specific domain expertise with the help of new H2O tutorials, open source samples, and published recipes in the H2O catalog.

“We are pleased with the recipe feature in H2O Driverless AI,” said Yan Yang, VP of Data Science at Deserve. “We can be more creative in how we evaluate and serve those new to credit with the ability to customize and extend the platform to meet our unique needs.”

These new innovations were announced live at the sold-out H2O World New York 2019, a premier AI community conference that brings together data scientists, business leaders and technical executives across multiple industries to discuss the latest trends in AI and machine learning. Attendees and presenters include experts from,, Discover, Dish Network, Disney, Nationwide Insurance, Wells Fargo, ADP, Synchrony, Aimia, Allergan, Equifax, Pacific Life, Property Guru, Experian, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft and more.

Try H2O Q
H2O Q is currently available for early access. To receive updates and to register to be one of the first to use Q, sign up here:

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