EZOfficeInventory Using Artificial Intelligence To Enhance Business Productivity


Asset management platform EZOfficeInventory is strategically using artificial intelligence to give its customers an edge in their business operations. The current release of EZOfficeInventory utilizes AI to solve the issue of lost or faulty equipment which can cause companies to face significant downtimes and associated costs. Equipment tracking is critical to enable businesses to function well. EZOfficeInventory’s newly implemented recommender system identifies missing equipment for business activities, such as a search and rescue operation that might be missing first aid kits or headlamps. Field operations and asset-intensive businesses can thus make educated choices by pulling on previous preferences, streamlining workflows and saving millions in the process.

Machine learning has been powering innovations within the SaaS space for some time. However, recommendation algorithms have traditionally been consumer-focused, and few companies have implemented AI in the asset management space. EZOfficeInventory’s recommendation engine is therefore a step forward for the B2B space. The feature will improve user experience for employees of the 24,000+ companies on the EZOfficeInventory platform, offering real-time optimization and a greater degree of personalization. This will be done by increasing the discoverability of items and showing relevant assets and inventory to users. It will also cut down on both processing times and costs related to this.

Syed Ali, CEO of EZOfficeInventory, said:

“Machine learning has the potential to provide a competitive edge to businesses. We’re committed to enabling our customers to succeed through any advantage possible. This is why we plan to do a lot more with artificial intelligence in the coming years.”

About EZOfficeInventory

EZOfficeInventory is a cloud-based asset management software helping companies raise productivity and ROI. Rated 5 stars on Gartner, it is used by over 20% of the Fortune 500s. Its comprehensive asset tracking, procurement, and maintenance modules enable companies all over the world to streamline business processes.

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