First-Ever WISeKey TransHumanCode Holograminar on December 14

WISeKey International Holding Ltd (“WISeKey,” SIX: WIHN / Nasdaq: WKEY), a leading cybersecurity and IoT company and ARHT Media Inc. (“ARHT” or “the Company”) (TSXV:ART), a global leader in the development, production and distribution of high-quality, low latency hologram and digital content for online and in-person communication, today announced that their first holograminar will be held on December 14, 2020 at 3:00 pm CET (9:00am ET).

For more information about this event, including speakers and topics of discussions, interested parties can register at:

This first Holograminar is the result of a partnership where WISeKey  provides third-party authentication and additional security services to further secure transmissions conducted via ARHT’s HoloPresenceTM technology used by the financial services, healthcare and education sectors as well as many other industries to conduct remote meetings where presenters appear as lifelike holograms that give a sense of being present in the room with the audience.

WISeKey and ARHT are delighted to be integrating their technologies to make HoloPresenceTM transmissions even more secure, while also helping to eliminate the need for physical contact during business gatherings, an essential aspect of stopping the spread of COVID-19 during this global pandemic, as well as reducing an organization’s carbon footprint and increasing their efficiency by minimizing air travel for busy executives. With many organizations, especially in the financial services sector, having strict requirements for KYC authentication and strict data security, this collaboration is a game changer that will help them ensure compliance while using HoloPresenceTM to conduct important organizational and investor meetings.

To authenticate users that are using HoloPresenceTM, WISeKey has integrated its MyWISeID digital signature and strong authentication capability into the end-to-end encryption channels in ARHT’s HoloPresence technology, which is powered by their transmission system the ARHT Engine.  By adding the ability to verify digital identities, users will be able to communicate securely to submit their vote remotely, conduct financial transactions, access health consultations and much more.

“WISeID combined with ARHT’s transmission system, the ARHT Engine, helps remove any barriers related to security and makes it easy and affordable for companies and individuals to further secure their interactions when appearing as holograms,” stated Carlos Moreira, CEO and Founder of WISeKey. “This partnership creates a great synergy that puts our authentication solution alongside a company that is pioneering the future of communication while also ensuring greater security and compliance for ARHT’s HoloPresenceTM technology, which will make the solution even more appealing to many clients.”

“We are thrilled to be partnering with WISeKey to further enhance security options for our clients and broaden the potential markets for our online Virtual Global Stage and in-person HoloPresence engagements,” stated ARHT’s CEO Larry O’Reilly.  “WISeKey’s software will integrate seamlessly with our ARHT Engine system to enhance communication globally.  We’re seeing more and more organizations seeking out our solution and this added layer of security will help a great deal in ensuring greater compliance especially for our Corporate, Healthcare and Educational clients.”

During this event, Mr. Moreira, a multi-award-winning technology pioneer, and David Fergusson, an international corporate finance leader specializing in mergers and acquisitions, will discuss their recently published book, The transHuman Code and collaboration with global thought leaders, who seek to center humanity in the emerging tension between a human-controlled or a machine-controlled world. The authors and contributors propose that we start the design of the transHuman future from a human perspective, making sure that technology will inspire revolution or evolution so we can ensure humanity continues to thrive.

“It has never been more important than it is now to engage in this critical discussion,” said Mr. Moreira.  “Human identity has a value, which has been and will continue to be exploited unless we reverse the recent trends in technology.  Placing the power back into the hands of the humans engaging with technology will enable them to realize the true value of their identities, in ways they never thought possible.”

Mr. Fergusson commented, “With each industrial revolution, humanity has been refined in subtle and profound ways and the impact has been largely positive. In this, the 4th Industrial Revolution, innovative technologies are advancing at a meteoric uncontrolled pace.  This profound difference creates untold risks for all humanity unless we are able to regain control over this dynamic. Created as a conversation starter for developers, enablers and users of technology, in essence all of us, the book contends that in the absence of a ‘Global Governor of Technology’ it is our individual and collective responsibility to determine what technology, when, and where.”

For more information about The transHuman Code:  How to Program Your Future go to   This book is available for purchase online on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, Walmart, as well as Indiebound, and NetGalley.

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