Givinga Launches First Philantech® Cloud Technology

Fintech solution provides partners with technology-fueled charitable giving capabilities, unleashing the power of modern philanthropic giving

Givinga today unveiled its Philantech® cloud technology, the first set of modernized, customizable tools that unlock the full potential of charitable giving by removing barriers to philanthropy. Philantech enables partners to easily integrate and manage a wide range of charitable giving capabilities into their existing digital experiences. Philantech offers comprehensive tools that connect digital users to 1.8 million global charities, automate tax incentives and rewards of charitable giving, and deliver donations fast and transparently.

Givinga’s Philantech cloud supports the societal trend that demonstrates the power of individuals to make a difference. According to the National Philanthropic Trust, Americans donated nearly $450 billion in 2019, a 5.1% increase from 2018, and donations from individuals accounted for 69% of total 2019 giving, the fourth time in the last five years that charitable giving by individuals has grown.

“We believe that anyone in the world can be a philanthropist if they have access to the right tools and technology,” said Joe Phoenix, co-founder and CEO of Givinga. “As people shift to prioritize social impact when making financial decisions, our Philantech cloud provides end-to-end technological solutions to a market overdue for modernization.”

By deploying Philantech, partners can spark innovation, drive meaningful brand engagement, and unify business and societal impact. Consumer platforms targeting a new generation of givers, like Softgiving, are using Givinga’s charitable giving infrastructure tools to develop digital experiences for consumers that are transparent and easy to manage. Softgiving is a fundraising platform that enables social media influencers and nonprofits to run campaigns during live streaming events and across other social media channels, such as charity streams with Twitch video game streamers. “When organizations and individuals are making decisions about charitable dollars, they want the best possible information to guide those decisions. They demand transparency and the ability to see impact,” said Matt Pfaltzgraf, founder and CEO of Softgiving. “Givinga’s technology does the heavy lifting – everything from verifying charities to managing donations – allowing the users of our charity streaming platform to focus on making an impact through the charities and causes that matter most to them.”

In order to serve employers looking to modernize employee giving, Givinga partnered with WeSpire, an award-winning employee experience technology platform, to enable employees to give directly to vetted charities through campaigns, competitions, and volunteering activities and for employers to provide donations as a form of rewards, match gifts, and manage grant requests. “WeSpire is a platform that inspires employees to take positive action, including making gifts of time and treasure,” said Susan Hunt Stevens, founder and CEO of WeSpire. “Givinga brings a more modern, proactive approach to global charity vetting and faster payment processing. The result is a social impact platform that delivers employers a significantly higher giving participation rate than existing alternatives, with much better transparency and service.”

Givinga’s Philantech cloud provides partners with essential charitable giving capabilities that are simple to implement and integrate into existing products and platforms. Its SaaS-based pricing model provides companies with the opportunity to create workplace and consumer experiences that deliver 100% of all donations to charity and eliminate the high costs and fees of giving.

Givinga’s Philantech cloud is available to partners through a SaaS licensing structure. For further information on pricing and to learn how Philantech can be integrated into a company’s existing platforms, please visit

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