Huawei Unveils Three Data Center Facility Solutions at an Event

The 2023 Global Smart Green Data Center Summit took place on July 4th in Ulanqab, Inner Mongolia. With the theme of “Smart DC, Building the Green Future”, industry leaders gathered to discuss new opportunities, demands, and challenges for the data center industry in the AI computing era, with a focus on green data center practices. One highlight of the event was the unveiling of Huawei’s three innovative data center facility solutions.

In his opening speech, Hou Jinlong, President of Huawei Digital Power, emphasized that the accelerated digital transformation has increased global connections and computing power requirements, leading to a higher demand for data center construction. Huawei, through the integration of bit, watt, heat, and battery (4T) technologies, focuses on providing various-sized data centers and mission-critical power solutions for different businesses. The company aims to help the industry build future-proof green, simple, smart, and reliable data centers, enabling each watt to carry more computing power.

Charles Yang, President of Global Marketing, Sales and Services of Huawei Digital Power, delivered a keynote speech titled “Leveraging Computing Power to Build a Low-Carbon Smart Future.” He highlighted Huawei’s commitment to building a world-leading, robust, and secure technological system that integrates digital and power electronics technologies. This system supports global customers and ecosystem partners in building a low-carbon smart future for shared success in the thriving digital economy.

Unveiling Scenario-based Next-Generation Data Center Solutions

Fei Zhenfu, President of Huawei Data Center Facility Domain, unveiled the next-generation indirect evaporative cooling solution EHU and the mobile intelligent management solution iManager-M. These scenario-based data center solutions promise optimal reliability throughout the lifecycle and aim to drive the high-quality development of the data center industry.

To address the challenges of high energy consumption and low reliability of traditional cooling systems in large data centers, Huawei developed the next-generation indirect evaporative cooling solution EHU for ultimate energy saving and full-chain reliability.

  • Green: Huawei-developed AeroTurbo fans and IceCube polymer heat exchangers optimize free cooling sources, improve cooling efficiency, save water and power, and achieve ultimate energy efficiency and green cooling in Ulanqab. The PUE is as low as 1.15, and the water usage effectiveness (WUE) is only 0.6 L/kWh.
  • Reliable: Reliable architecture, equipment, and network security raise the system availability to 99.9999%. Distributed cooling architecture allows each device to run independently, ensuring zero impact when a device fails. The backup power system is directly connected, enabling 0 ms power switching and zero cooling interruption. CSPSH and IEC 62443-4-2 certified information security detection ensure zero impact of network attacks.
  • Simple: Simplified deployment and O&M ensure minimum workload throughout the lifecycle. Hyper-converged prefabrication and integration of cooling and power systems shorten the delivery period from six months to three months. Modular hardware can be hot-swapped for maintenance within 3 minutes. With software-defined functions, backup power can be switched between fans or fans plus compressors with one click within minutes.
  • Smart: The iCooling @AI energy efficiency optimization technology ensures the designed PUE and enables high-efficiency operation upon delivery. In indirect evaporative cooling scenarios, energy consumption will be reduced by 3%–5%.

Additionally, Huawei’s intelligent management solution, iManager-M, delivers the following benefits:

  • Worry-free: The solution displays accurate KPIs and enables mobile O&M anytime anywhere. The streamlined Harmony UI style guarantees optimal user experience.
  • Reliable: The iHealth monthly health report identifies potential risks in over 20 scenarios, enabling accurate health status of various devices. With five alarm notification modes designed, faults can be reported with one click, and logs are also sent to ensure rapid repair.
  • Smart: iCooling@AI energy efficiency optimization facilitates on-demand intelligent cooling in smart modular data centers, reducing the PUE by over 15% and providing clear insights into energy-saving effects.
  • Simple: With cloud-based software deployment, the solution reduces the CAPEX and enables the unified management of multiple data centers with diverse devices.

Building a FusionDC Ecosystem Solution with Partners for Shared Success

Shui Yu, General Manager of Huawei Data Center Facility and Critical Power Consulting and Ecosystem Solution Dept, unveiled the FusionDC Ecosystem Solution. Based on the “1+4+N” architecture, a “Huawei+Partner” model will be adopted to facilitate the prefabricated modular construction upgrade, helping customers achieve business success.

With continuous R&D investments and innovations in prefabricated modular data centers, Huawei upgraded its data center facility solutions from FusionDC 1.0 AIO to FusionDC 2.0, and to FusionDC 3.0, which was used to construct the world’s first building-level prefabricated modular data center.

Based on the “1+4+N” architecture, FusionDC 5.0, the next-generation prefabricated modular data center solution, helps customers deploy around a thousand racks in just half a year, shortens the time to market (TTM) by 50%, reduces the PUE to 1.15 (in Beijing), and improves the recyclability from 30% to 85%.

The success of FusionDC 5.0 cannot be achieved without the support of ecosystem partners. Looking ahead, Huawei will focus on partners of three categories – consulting and design, solution development, and integrated delivery – based on ecosystem solutions to fully leverage mutual advantages and build a thriving ecosystem for shared success.

In response to emerging opportunities of AI computing power, Huawei is eager to work with customers and ecosystem partners to explore more scenarios, continuously innovate, and jointly establish a solid foundation for the digital world with competitive products and solutions, building a win-win, low-carbon, and smart future for the data center industry.

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