HUMBL Launches HeyBLUE! AI Chatbot

HUMBL, Inc. (OTCQB: HMBL) HUMBL announced today the launch of its new HeyBLUE! AI Chatbot that will allow verified HUMBL social users to interact with artificial intelligence (AI) in their everyday lives.

Using the HeyBLUE! AI Chatbot, HUMBL users can now perform a variety of tasks, such as: Chatbot interactions, document generation, text generation, text summarization, language translation, question answering and more.

HeyBLUE!’s integration into the HUMBL platform will offer enhanced user experiences through 24/7 customer support, instant responses, personalized interactions, easy navigation and feedback collection.

For consumers, verified HUMBL users can now use HeyBLUE! to simply generate “How-To” instructions, storytelling, fitness regimens, diet planning, essay writing, problem solving, equation solving, recipe creation and more.

For small and medium business (SMB) owners, HeyBLUE! can provide data analysis, industry trends and category insights, which can lead to more targeted ad campaigns, product listings, social media posts and ROI tracking metrics for business owners and sellers on the HUMBL platform.

“As one of the world’s first Web 3 platform companies, our goal is to provide accessibility for customers to new technologies such as Open AI, which has fairly vast applications,” said HUMBL CEO, Brian Foote. “Having an AI Chatbot integrated into our platform, will help HUMBL customers and business owners begin to benefit from using this new technology.”

HUMBL combines the use of verified profiles for consumers and merchants across its digital wallet, search engine and marketplace platform. Delivering a trusted architecture for digital payments, interactions, and transactions among its global users. The HUMBL platform is currently available in over 130 countries.

HeyBLUE! is currently available to verified HUMBL customers at no charge for a limited time, and will migrate into the HUMBL Pro subscription services offering as that product suite is launched into the market.

HeyBLUE! is named after the company mascot (“BLUE”) a Bored Ape NFT that is also owned by the company.

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