IDrive Launches IDrive Cloud – Enterprise Class Cloud Object Storage

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IDrive Online Backup, a cloud backup service out of California, has released IDrive Cloud, an enterprise-class cloud object storage solution coming at a fraction of the cost of similar services along with free egress.

After the recent launch of IDrive Face, which enables users to build facial recognition apps, IDrive is continuing it’s trend of expanding into different markets with the introduction of IDrive Cloud, targeting users who have a need for massive storage scalability.

IDrive Cloud is an Amazon S3 compatible service powered by OpenStack Swift. It provides a high-performing and scalable storage infrastructure for individuals, businesses and enterprises at minimal cost. A platform-as-a-service, IDrive Cloud can be used for various purposes like securely archiving data, hosting web or mobile applications or even as a robust storage for data analytics.

Offering eleven 9s of data durability, for each object stored, three replicas exist at all times on different disks and servers to avoid data degradation. The stored data is always readily available via HTTPS and can be accessed and managed by using the Web Management Console. From this console, users can also stay updated on storage utilization, manage billing, create user accounts, and grant permissions using S3 Access Keys or OpenStack Swift API Keys.

More features of IDrive Cloud include:

  • Pay-per-use pricing – pay only a fraction compared to the cost for using other OpenStack Swift or S3 compatible solutions. Simple pricing model based on storage and no egress charges (upto twice the storage volume).
  • Scalability – allows for massive scalability by avoiding the sizing limitations of traditional file storage. The system can meet the increasing requirements of storage
  • Periodic integrity checks – the intelligent data storage platform regularly monitors the integrity of stored objects to ensure data is intact, especially in the case of long-term storage.
  • Self-healing – IDrive Cloud is self-healing, which means disk or server failures are handled seamlessly. At any point of time, if one of the 3 replicas of an object is lost or destroyed, the system automatically recreates the additional copies.

IDrive Cloud starts at $6.95 for 2TB/month, plus $0.0059 per additional GB/month, and is now offering a free 30 day trial.

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