KORE empowers National Retailer’s Digital Transformation with 5G Connectivity

KORE, a global leader in IoT solutions and a pioneering IoT hyperscaler and provider of IoT Connectivity, Solutions and Analytics, today announced its collaboration with a major national retailer to catalyze its digital transformation. By delivering advanced 5G connectivity, KORE is powering a nationwide shift towards digital-first retail, from security systems to customer experiences.

In a world where digital prowess is paramount, reliable connectivity is the cornerstone of innovation. KORE’s 5G solutions and services, including failover options, provide the link for these retailers to reimagine inventory management, business operations, and customer service.

“Long gone are the days of interrupted sales or laborious stock checks,” said Romil Bahl, KORE’s President and CEO. “KORE’s 5G connectivity will ensure business continuity for this retail chain, even when primary connections fail, while also putting agile inventory and operations management in action.”

KORE’s commitment to its customers goes beyond connectivity. The company’s hardware sourcing and managed services streamline installations and configurations, ensuring a frictionless digital transition.

This digital transformation isn’t just about mitigating risks; it’s about affordability and efficiency. Bahl emphasizes, “KORE’s 5G service guarantees reliability and eliminates hefty building costs, a stark contrast to the burdensome expense of wired services.”

KORE’s alliance with the national retailer signals a turning point for retail, where 5G connectivity pioneers a new era. Retailers nationwide are embracing this transformation, driven by the agility, efficiency, and robustness of KORE’s advanced solutions.

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