GBT releases Dissertation Paper

A Qualitative Study That Explores the Implementation of Artificial Intelligence in Integrated Circuit Design

GBT Technologies Inc. (OTC PINK: GTCH) (“GBT” or the “Company”), is pleased to announce it has released a comprehensive abstract of technology in the form of a dissertation paper about Qualitative Study that Explores the Implementation of Artificial Intelligence in Integrated Circuit Design. The research document was filed with the SEC ( and was created by Dr. Danny Rittman, the Company’s CTO, as a dissertation for a recent degree of Doctor of Computer Science (DCS) requirement.

Dr. Rittman has combined his vast experience in the Integrated Circuits domain with his knowledge of AI techniques to create research on the implications of AI Technologies for the microchip industry. Innovative solutions are needed to enable technological progress with the constantly increasing complexity of integrated circuit design and manufacturing. AI is expected to provide efficient EDA (Electronic Design Automation) solutions, especially in designing, simulating, and verifying integrated circuits. Although EDA industry leaders have widely used AI techniques for over a decade, there is still a critical need to improve the ICs design automation, particularly for complex Analog, radio-frequency (RF), and mixed projects. In mixed IC design projects, different circuits, such as analog, digital, and RF circuits, are combined onto a single chip to create a comprehensive system that can perform various functions.

This integration of different circuit types allows for more efficient use of space, lower power consumption, and improved performance compared to implementing each circuit separately. Adopting AI technologies in EDA design tools has become a pressing matter as it has the potential to provide an essential solution to enable modern microchip design, verification, and prosperous manufacturing. The dissertation is also expected to be soon available on ProQuest, a well-known and widely used electronic database and information repository providing access to a vast collection of academic and professional content. It offers resources such as research articles, theses, dissertations, eBooks, newspapers, magazines, reports, and multimedia content.

GBT plans to expand its AI-driven EDA R&D efforts in the upcoming years by developing AI-driven EDA solutions to address the ever-growing challenges in the integrated circuits domain.

“GBT is proud to support Danny Rittman’s research on AI in IC design. His dissertation explores the past, present, and future of AI in microchip design, and includes insights from industry experts. We believe AI has the potential to revolutionize IC design, making it more efficient and impactful,” stated Mansour Khatib, GBT’s CEO.

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