CYE announces the acquisition of “Baseline”

The Baseline acquisition adds new capabilities to Hyver - CYE's advanced CRQO platform; Baseline builds context around vulnerabilities to enable dynamic and accurate risk analysis and prioritization.

CYE, the industry leader in cybersecurity optimization, today announced the company has acquired Baseline, a vulnerability analysis platform by Cyberillium. CYE will incorporate Baseline’s capabilities into its Hyver platform, enabling automated attack route creation and prioritization based on Baseline novel context-aware algorithms.

“I have a great appreciation for the Cyberillium team, the technology they have built, and their innovative approach to data management. I am excited to integrate Baseline with Hyver,” said Reuven (Rubi) Aronashvili, CEO and Founder of CYE. “As part of this acquisition, Baseline’s advanced capabilities in collecting data around vulnerabilities and prioritizing them based on deep context will be integrated into Hyver to enrich our CRQ engine.”

Currently, security teams manage endless amounts of vulnerability data without proper context, however, analysis shows that only 2% of detected vulnerabilities are exploitable and relevant to their organization.

Baseline is a new approach to vulnerability management. The solution combines and organizes data about vulnerabilities by the impact to the business. By analyzing the telemetry from security and IT tools, Baseline builds an attack path map, automatically triages vulnerabilities, determines exploitability, helps identify the root cause of issues, and provides relevant information to build the right threat model.

“We built Baseline after experiencing first-hand how difficult it is to prevent attackers from infiltrating and taking over entire networks in a large enterprise environment,” explains Liam Stein, CEO of Cyberillium. “Our main motivation was to create something that would truly make a dent in global cyber-attack statistics by making such attacks impossibly difficult for the attacker. We see this event with CYE as an opportunity to make a real change by bringing this technology quickly to thousands of companies around the world.”

“The addition of Baseline platform capabilities to Hyver will help our customer quantify vulnerability related risk and implement the most optimal remediation actions,” said Michael Gendelman, VP R&D at CYE. “I’m excited to join forces with the talented team at Cyberillium. We’re truly impressed by their depth of expertise and passion for solving real customer pain points.”

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