Leading Advisory Firm ISG Recognizes Unisys as Global Leader in Cloud and Data Center Services

Unisys CloudForte® solution for digital transformation and cloud management is a key factor in Unisys’ positioning

Unisys Corporation (NYSE: UIS) today announced that leading global technology research and advisory firm Information Services Group (ISG) has recognized the company as a global leader in cloud and data center services.

The ISG Provider Lens™ “Private/Hybrid Cloud – Data Center Services and Solutions” Archetype Report summarizes “the relative capabilities of 30 data center outsourcing services providers and their abilities to address the requirements of four typical, frequently encountered categories of enterprise buyers referred to as archetypes. Each archetype represents a unique set of business and technological needs and challenges.”

ISG ranks Unisys as a “Leader” in addressing the requirements of the following two archetypes:

  • Transformation (Large-scale focus) – Organizations with more generous budgets and preference for an optimized mix of delivery models. They focus on providing IT services to their business units using an as-a-service, utility-based model, with high levels of self-service, automation, orchestration and chargeback.
  • Managed Services (Mid-sized focus) – Organizations, often with somewhat constrained budgets, willing to transfer greater operational responsibility to a service provider and embrace some transformational elements, such as modest investments in automation and hybrid cloud.

In addition, Unisys achieved “Noteworthy Provider” status in the other two archetype categories:

  • Pioneering: – Organizations seeking to extend their transformation initiatives through deployment of end-to-end software-defined data centers and optimizing hybrid-cloud management.
  • Traditional – Organizations that engage in minimal, selective outsourcing of certain data-center and cloud services, mainly to optimize costs.

ISG singled out the Unisys CloudForte® managed-service offering for secure digital transformation and cloud operations as a key strength in service delivery for all the archetypes Unisys addresses: “Unisys CloudForte accelerates digital transformation and maximizes innovation in the cloud without sacrificing security or governance. CloudForte accelerates with self-service blueprints, automated governance and workflow, automated provisioning, security, reporting and advanced analytics.”

“We are proud to have earned ISG’s recognition of our cloud and infrastructure services – especially our innovative Unisys CloudForte managed-service offering,” said Eric Hutto, senior vice president and president, Enterprise Solutions, Unisys. “This honor confirms Unisys’ position as a leader in helping clients revolutionize their business processes and applying advanced, secure cloud solutions so they can realize the full operational and economic benefits of digital transformation.”

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