Listing Automation Platform Newegg Expands Product Category Offering

With this integration, sellers can create more accurate, high-quality listings in a fraction of the time

Zentail, a listing automation platform for fast-growing multichannel sellers, today announced its Newegg marketplace integration. Newegg, one of the leading tech-focused e-retailers in North America, has integrated Zentail into its marketplace platform, providing mutual merchants the fastest onboarding experience and the most direct data transfer. This integration enables Newegg marketplace sellers to create and manage their product listings with ease. Additionally, through this exclusive partnership, listing fees through the Zentail platform are waived for Newegg sales.

“We took a deep look at how marketplaces and merchants are currently connecting and thought why is this so difficult? There had to be a better way,” said Dan Sugarman, CEO and co-founder of Zentail. “Our Marketplace API is redefining the way marketplaces and merchants connect with each other. The Zentail platform is removing every inefficiency and creating an ecommerce network, essentially making sales channel expansion as simple as connecting with your friends and family on Facebook.”

For online marketplace sellers, the quality of their product listings is the key to their success. It determines how often their products are seen by consumers and has the power to convert a visit into a purchase. At the same time, setting up a listing is a highly complicated process on the backend for multichannel sellers. With hundreds and thousands of categories and product attributes to map to, alongside constantly changing requirements on the marketplace front, it’s not uncommon for sellers to struggle and lag behind in the process.

One incorrectly categorized or low-quality listing can dramatically thwart product sales and strain a seller’s business. Using Zentail’s multichannel configuration network, further powered by its suite of automation tools, merchants can quickly list their products on Newegg and more seamlessly manage all of their sales channels on a wide range of popular marketplaces– including Amazon, Newegg and Walmart–from one place.

Newegg’s partnership with Zentail enables its marketplace sellers – particularly those new to the Newegg platform – to create and manage new product listings with ease.

“Newegg’s seller-centric approach makes it easy for merchants to deliver a seamless customer experience on our marketplace platform,” said Judy Woo, Newegg’s senior vice president of sales operations, global platform. “Newegg knows the importance of being able to support a quick go-to-market execution for brands and resellers of all sizes. Partnering with a company like Zentail makes perfect sense because it enables sellers to reduce their manual processes and optimize their e-commerce operations. This translates to a better customer experience, empowering merchants to be first-to-market and offer the best prices and selection when selling on the Newegg platform.”

Newegg and Zentail will be hosting a live discussion Tuesday, March 30 at 11am PST/ 2pm EST, providing advice on how ecommerce retailers should approach niche marketplaces. Attendees will learn about the benefits of selling on a niche marketplace and how to maximize their profits by using the right tools. Interested sellers can register for the event here.

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