Xidas IoT Selected Into the World Alliance

With the launch of Xidas’ innovative suite of energy-harvesting solutions for IoT, the emerging tech start-up has been recognized and accepted as one of #1000solutions to be promoted by the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions. The initiative created by Solar Impulse Foundation brings together the main actors in the field of clean technologies in order to create synergies that will ultimately speed­ up the implementation of clean and profitable solutions that have the potential to address the environmental challenges of today.

The Internet of Things will connect billions and billions of sensors to monitor and gather insights on multiple aspects of our society. The vast majority of these sensors look to be wireless to increase the number of locations they can be deployed (i.e., hard-to-reach places). With this unprecedented amount of electronics in the environment, battery replacement leads to a huge issue: battery disposal. Some batteries contain toxic metals such as cadmium and mercury, lead and lithium, which become hazardous waste and pose threats to health and the environment if improperly disposed.

Through the World Alliance, the Solar Impulse Foundation has launched the second phase of its action: selecting #1000solutions that can protect the environment in a profitable way and bring them to decision makers to encourage them to adopt more ambitious environmental targets and energy policies.

“After a three-month stringent evaluation cycle, reviewed by independent experts, we are proud to be selected and recognized by this prestigious group,” commented Paul Dhillon, CEO. “Being a small part in the overall challenge to protect our environment is humbling.”

Leveraging decades of 3D manufacturing research, Xidas has introduced disruptive vibration-based energy-harvesting generators and supplementary PMIC modules and specialized batteries. These energy harvesters promise to provide wireless sensors (particularly sensors that perform machine-condition monitoring and predictive maintenance of industrial assets) with up to 10+ years of lifetime by capturing energy from small vibrations in the environment and converting it into energy. The company sees its new energy harvester as a way to power IoT in a much more efficient and sustainable manner – by diminishing the need of constantly replacing and disposing batteries every one to two years. To learn more, please visit

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