Mission Secure Launches First Look OT Cybersecurity Reconnaissance

With critical infrastructure cyber-attacks on the rise, Mission Secure offers organizations the ability to gain insight into their OT cyber risks remotely.

Mission Secure, an industry-leading industrial control system (ICS) cybersecurity company, announced the launch of its First Look OT Cybersecurity Reconnaissance service for remote operational technology (OT) cybersecurity intelligence gathering, visualization, reporting, and risk identification. With First Look OT Cyber Reconnaissance, organizations gain insight into their ICS network cyber risks, improving situational and operational awareness, troubleshooting, and risk mitigation activities.

“While remote-work becomes a facet of the new normal, critical infrastructure organizations are facing an increased barrage of cyber-attacks, some targeting ICS and SCADA systems specifically,” states David Drescher, CEO of Mission Secure. “So, Mission Secure is remotely protecting customers critical operations with our expertise in ICS/OT networks. And often, the first step is a quick situational survey, and our First Look OT Cybersecurity Reconnaissance allows us to deliver that remotely now as well.”

With First Look OT Cyber Reconnaissance, Mission Secure passively collects data and delivers a quick, actionable report with insights into existing OT cyber risks.

  • Simple Remote Intelligence: Get insight without scheduling headaches or on-site teams, First Look OT Cyber Reconnaissance is a plug-and-play solution anyone can install.
  • Low-Cost: Taking minutes to set up, First Look OT Cyber Reconnaissance is an economical and efficient solution to start identifying and mitigating ICS cyber risks.
  • No Operational Impacts: Built by OT experts, First Look OT Cyber Reconnaissance requires no downtime, is completely passive, and will not impact operations.

First Look OT Cyber Reconnaissance delivers the intelligence required for operations to bolster their cybersecurity protections at a time when they’re increasingly coming under fire.

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